This week has been very interesting for Bitcoin community members worldwide. Following the celebration of Bitcoin Pizza Day, some interesting statistics were provided. 

The value of Bitcoin has risen significantly over the past decade.

Bitcoin Trading Volume Growth is Spectacular

So much even that the 2 pizzas bought with BTC in 2010 would be worth close to $90 million in today’s money. 

It is interesting to see how things evolve in the financial sector.

Perhaps the most interesting statistic is how the overall Bitcoin exchange volume has exploded to boot.

Things are, after all, very different today compared to where the industry was at ten years ago.

With $40 in trading volume per day in 2010, things started to look promising.

Today, exchanges generating under $50m in trading volume per day are often considered to be “small” and “not worthwhile”. 

That is primarily because today’s trading volume sits near an average of $5 billion.

It represents a significant change from the handful of dollars changing hands ten years ago.

One contributing factor is how easy it has become to access Bitcoin and other crypto assets.

More exchanges, trading platforms, brokers, OTC desks, and ATMs have popped up all over the world. 

Once decentralized trading solutions pop up, things may get even more interesting moving forward. 


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