Bitcoin Spot Trading Volume Increased by 5,000% Since the Last Halving


The cryptocurrency industry is in a good place as of right now. Especially when it comes to Bitcoin spot trading, the volume growth has been very significant and prominent.

The future of Bitcoin trading will hinge on several factors.

Bitcoin Spot Trading Surges Hard

More and more people demand exposure for these types of assets, by the look of things.

As the volume increases overall, the Bitcoin price may respond significantly.

For now, it seems as if most traders are interested in Bitcoin spot trading, primarily against the US Dollar.

A report by CryptoWatch confirms how much this market segment has grown.

A near 5,000% increase in overall spot trading volume since 2016 has been recorded.

This is significant, considering how the previous Bitcoin block reward halving took place in 2016. 

As history is set to repeat itself once again, things are bound to get very interesting moving forward.

The Bitcoin price is already on its way to break the $10,000 resistance once again. 

Assuming the spot volume remains on the same track as it is now, the next four years may seem ample price momentum regardless.

Despite all of this prominent momentum, it remains to be seen how long it takes until BTC reaches a new all-time high price.

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