Bitcoin Spark Price Prediction: Veteran Defi Traders Suggest “BTCS Could Surpass Bitcoin Cash”


Bitcoin Spark’s rising trajectory has got traders and analysts pitting Bitcoin Spark (BTCS) head to head with progressive and established projects comprising the Bitcoin family. Veteran DeFi traders are interested in none other than Bitcoin Cash (BCH), predicting that BTCS has the potential to outpace BCH. This projection highlights the growing significance and potential of Bitcoin Spark within the rapidly evolving digital finance landscape.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), is a cryptocurrency sharing underlying blockchain with Bitcoin. It was created on August 1, 2017, through a hard fork, where changes were made to the rules governing the Bitcoin blockchain.

At the time, some participants in the Bitcoin network proposed changes to increase its transaction capacity. However, a majority of network nodes opposed the changes, leading to the hard fork. This event resulted in the emergence of two separate blockchain paths: the original Bitcoin and the newly formed Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash operates with a larger block size compared to Bitcoin. Blocks.

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While Bitcoin limits blocks to 1 megabyte (MB), allowing about seven transactions per second, Bitcoin Cash started with an 8 MB block size enabling it to process more TPS.

Why is Bitcoin Cash Going Up?

BCH has been trading above $200+ from June 27 through Aug. 19, when it came down to $189. The impressive surge, skyrocketing by 100%+ in June, is attributable to several key reasons. The announcement of BlackRock’s plans to introduce a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) created positive expectations across the crypto landscape. In addition, BCH’s listing on the EDX exchange, supported by well-known financial institutions, boosted market interest and sped up BCH’s upward movement. However, BCH price is currently down to $187 as of Aug. 23, having been trading below $200 the past four days. While the current trend is favorable, Bitcoin Spark price prediction advises that it’s paramount to keep an eye on market dynamics to understand whether BCH’s upward momentum will continue.

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS): Take-off to Surpass BCH

Bitcoin Spark introduces a fresh approach to energy-efficient mining and participation while striving to overcome challenges of its predecessor. It generates revenue by introducing money-making services to the network, such as CPU rental and advertising. These extras make the BTCS network more rewarding and accessible, encouraging more people to use it. BTCS’s tokenomics share Bitcoin’s capped supply of 21M but spread the time to attain maximum supply. This unique feature extends mining rewards facilitated by the network’s generated income.

BTCS deploys a robust Bitcoin Spark app with advanced algorithms for mining and rewards. It offers an easy way for users to participate in the network. BTCS has an inclusive mining approach that favors anyone to mine, as able users contribute their device power to the network and make mining more open and decentralized.

BTCS allows investing in its ICO, currently in phase three at $2.00 with a 12% bonus. Imagine buying Bitcoin when its value was $1. Early adopters expect a 560% gain when BTCS launches at $10 in November.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Vs. Bitcoin Spark (BTCS)

BCH and BTCS are distinct cryptocurrencies within the expansive Bitcoin family. Each carries unique features, goals, and potential impacts on the cryptocurrency landscape.

BCH aims to provide a seamless peer-to-peer electronic cash system, emphasizing accessibility and transaction speed.

BTCS is the latest Bitcoin fork with a new blockchain technology, Proof-of-Process (PoP), which combines processing power and energy efficiency in its mining process. This unique approach seeks to democratize cryptocurrency mining while enhancing energy consumption practices. BTCS envisions becoming a catalyst for broader participation and sustainability in the crypto ecosystem.

Both cryptocurrencies share similar tokenomics with a maximum supply cap of 21M tokens. They pursue the underlying concept of blockchains and decentralization, where transactions are verified and recorded across a distributed network. However, their technical mechanisms and goals set them apart.

Wrap Up

Bitcoin Spark thrives in challenging the traditional notion of mining while placing the user experience at the forefront.

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