Bitcoin Spark Founder Steven Kurtz Is Revealed To Be Early Bitcoin Cash Investor


It is no news that the Crypto market is known for twists and turns. An event occurred recently, and a revelation has come to limelight. There is a discovery that the founder of Bitcoin Spark is an early investor of Bitcoin Cash. This discovery has got a lot of people wondering and asking questions about the relationship between different cryptocurrencies and their founding figures. To understand what this is all about, we must look into Bitcoin Cash and its connection to Bitcoin Sparks founder, which has piqued much interest in the crypto space.

What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

Bitcoin Cash is a fork within the Bitcoin network. The fork results from arguments within the Bitcoin community about the original Bitcoin blockchains’ scalability and transaction processing capabilities. The major problem was the Bitcoin block size limitation, which limited the number of transactions in each block to 1 MB. During moments of heavy demand, this limitation resulted in slower transaction speed and higher gas fees. Proponents of expanding the block size said it was essential to keep Bitcoin functioning as a quick and low-cost digital currency.

A group of developers and miners advocated for higher block sizes. They felt that a bigger block size (8 MB at first) would allow more transactions to be carried out in a single block, enhancing the cryptocurrency’s scalability and utility for everyday transactions.

Bitcoin Spark’s Founders’ Connection to Bitcoin Cash

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The founder of Bitcoin Spark had remained relatively under the radar in the cryptocurrency community until recently. Bitcoin Spark is an innovative cryptocurrency that uses the Proof of Process consensus mechanism, focusing on improving scalability and interoperability in the blockchain space. It has gained attention for its technical achievements and forward-thinking approach.

A series of investigative reports and blockchain data analysts uncovered that Bitcoin Spark’s founder had been an early investor in Bitcoin Cash. This revelation raised questions about the motivations behind Bitcoin Spark and its founder’s connection to Bitcoin Cash.

BTCS’s founders’ involvement in Bitcoin Cash surprised many, as he had never publicly disclosed his investments or affiliations with other cryptocurrencies. Some speculated that his connection to Bitcoin Cash might have influenced his decision to work on Bitcoin Spark.


Cryptocurrency has become overrun with revelations and controversy. Bitcoin Spark’s founders’ link to Bitcoin Cash exemplifies the complexities of cryptocurrency. It emphasizes the need for transparency. It builds trust and reduces conflicts of interest. In a decentralized space, disclosing affiliations and investments is critical for project integrity and personal reputations.

That notwithstanding, to get an insight of what Bitcoin Spark holds for the future:




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