Bitcoin Spark: Changing the Face of Cryptocurrency Mining


Mining is a process of validating transactions in a blockchain network. It also secures the network and adds new blocks to a cryptocurrency platform. Bitcoin, the first-ever digital network, is considered prominent in the mining industry. The network has made individuals gain massive profits after confirming new blocks. The maximum supply of BTC is 21 million, and already 19 million have been mined. The only juggernaut within the platform is the centralization in the mining sphere.

The new crypto platform, Bitcoin Spark, will lead to the development of the decentralized ecosystem. Moreover, the platform will promote solutions to the mining niche via the new consensus mechanism called proof-of-process.

How to Mine Bitcoin

Mining Bitcoin requires an individual to have access to extensive electrical power and nodes, which are costly nodes that conduct intrinsic computational tasks. The mining process is, therefore, called validating transactions and confirming new blocks within the network. The Bitcoin mining ecosystem contains miners who validate transactions. The miners are then rewarded with the latest BTC in return.

Bitcoin Spark Mining Systems Will Improve Blockchain Technology

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Bitcoin is the largest digital currency in the mining ecosystem. This is because it is the first inauguration in the cryptocurrency ecosphere. The virtual currency has promoted the development of blockchain technology by attracting various whales, including the Winklevii twins, who massively bought Bitcoin when its market value was low.

However, Bitcoin has shortcomings, including mining juggernauts. The mining sector in the ecosystem is controlled by two firms, Antpool and Foundry USA, who control more than 50% of the platform’s mining activities. The two firms have taken over the industry due to efficient electricity powering the nodes.

Bitcoin Spark has a new consensus mechanism called proof-of-process that changes individuals’ perceptions of blockchain mining. The validation mechanism combines proof-of-stake and proof-of-work to maintain a more robust operation in the ecosystem. The network allows validators and miners to confirm new blocks, generating new BTCS tokens.

BTCS is the native currency of the platform. The total supply of BTCS (21 million) is similar to that of Bitcoin’s maximum supply. Security, a vital element in the blockchain space, increases due to validators’ network confirmation. Moreover, these validators produce processing power to the network, which is used in tasks such as video rendering.

The platform also has a specialized algorithm that seeks to inhibit unequal distribution of rewards. Those who have mining capabilities have a chance of earning more rewards, but not in an unbiased manner.

The system will also enable more significant and small-scale participants to have more rewards. The project will also solve problems concerning low transaction speeds and high transaction costs. This is conducted by increasing node quantity and reducing the time per block to improve the overall transaction speed. It also reduced the transaction cost significantly, making it the best alternative to Bitcoin and Ethereum.


The crypto-mining industry has significantly impacted the development of blockchain technology. Various venture capitalists and investors have sought opportunities to join the ecosystem, and mining is among the aspects. Bitcoin Spark will implement an efficient and decentralized mining system that utilizes proof-of-power within its network.

Validators who partake in network development will be rewarded using the native currency, BTCS. One essential aspect is that validators confirm the network’s reward and profit system before confirming blocks.

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