Bitcoin Price Prediction: Uwerx(WERX) With Huge Profit Potential Coming


2023 has been particularly interesting for the crypto landscape, despite only recovering from the shambles of 2022. Several cryptocurrencies have recovered from their December 2022 lows, but much more exciting things are going on with Bitcoin.

The crypto landscape is now much more confident in an upward trajectory in the months to come following Bitcoin’s recovery. However, as a significant market upsurge approaches, Uwerx has surprised the market, emerging as one of its most promising low-cost gems.

Uwerx(WERX): Pushing For A Blockchain-Based Gig Economy

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw an interesting increase in the demand for global gig workers and more value for the freelance economy. According to Velocity Global, the number of people who sporadically work a gig job rose 17% from 2017 to 2018. Compared to the projected rise of global gig workers from 43 million in 2018 to 78 million in 2023. With an evident uptrend in the gig economy following the pandemic, there’s an advantage here for a blockchain-based solution.

Blockchain fits into any sector, but the peculiar feature of the technology is the ability to give back more value to users than traditional industry solutions. Uwerx will become a preferred alternative over other freelance platforms. It will fix issues ranging from centralized control to excessive fees and payment limitations.

Uwerx’s special features will include incentivization, built collaboration and dispute resolution tools, transparent pricing, and personalized matching. Beyond the numerous unique offerings to the freelance industry, Uwerx’s most valued offering is the WERX token. WERX will serve as a utility token for the platform, and users can trade the token for profit.

But there are even better things on the horizon; WERX is still on presale, allowing the opportunity for early entry. Experienced crypto investors and traders understand that a single fool-proof strategy to making money with crypto is buying a promising token with great utility before mass traction comes. WERX sells for $0.0225, but as the new solution gains rapid traction, the price could be nearing $1 by Q4 of 2023. The project has been audited by SolidProof and InterFi Network, and they provide strong credibility to the emergence of the platform.

Bitcoin’s Recent Developments

With Bitcoin trading around $27,000, it remains the most valuable asset in the cryptocurrency market. The price has varied in recent days, down from its yearly high of more than $30,000. However, what seems to be getting more attention with Bitcoin is its worsening scalability issue which may be a bad outlook for BTC.

These issues have worsened following the growth of ordinals and other emerging BRC-20 tokens, which have experienced quite some volume over the past few days. On-chain data from the 8th of May, 2023, show the Bitcoin network having over 400,000 pending transactions while fees remain high, even peaking at over 600 sats.

Blockchain enthusiasts have expressed concerns over the irresponsible use of the network for ordinal inscriptions, stating the community is trying too hard to be like Ethereum, something the chain may not be built for. On the flip side, ordinals and other emerging utilities have brought more activity than usual to Bitcoin, and it’s tough to decide if it’s a good or bad outlook.

However, WERX does have a good outlook for the future and is massively undervalued on presale. The token price would increase as the presale progresses, so here’s your only golden opportunity to get in early.

More Information on WERX Presale

WERX is an ERC-20 token and will power the Uwerx platform on the leading blockchain network, Ethereum. The tokenomics allows for decentralization and other interesting features to look forward to. Liquidity is locked for 25 years once presale is complete, and the contract will be renounced shortly after to allow even more decentralization and community governance.

WERX is offered on presale at the lowest price it will ever be, so this is an opportunity you only get once.

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