Travala is one of the platforms that has embraced various cryptocurrencies. The travel-booking platform issued a new report to depict which currencies are most popular. 

The first and most impressive statistic is how the platform noted 40% growth month-on-month.

Travala Continues to Grow

That only confirms how more customers are spending cryptocurrencies to book their travels.

Travala has noted significant success in this department, albeit there is always room for further growth.

Most of the company’s visitors still come from the US and UK, with India coming in at $7, which is relatively surprising.

The statistics also confirm Travala is not a one-hit wonder in terms of room nights booked.

The company surpassed 1000 room nights in August 2019.

The next month, that figure dipped slightly below this threshold once again.

In October, there was more growth, followed up by an additional increase in November 2019. 

What is remarkable is how Travala notes cryptocurrency payments are becoming more common.

Some clients still prefer credit cards and PayPal, simply because of convenience. 

The vast majority of payments on Travala are completed through cryptocurrencies, however.

Bitcoin remains the most popular payment method, followed by the native AVA token, and Ether. 

Other supported currencies, such as XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, and Nano all remain “niche” offerings, for the time being.

All of these statistics are rather impressive for a company accepting cryptocurrency payments alongside traditional solutions.

As Bitcoin and altcoins become more popular than payment cards and PayPal, a very interesting situation is created. 


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