Bitcoin Investors Find Refuge in Promising New Cryptos As BTC Price Continues To Struggle


Bitcoin (BTC) has historically been one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, but it’s currently facing its worst bearish front all year, causing some investors to dump their holdings in favor of more profitable options like InQubeta (QUBE).

The InQubeta project is one of the hottest topics in the crypto space as it provides a substitute to mainstream investment avenues for those looking for a more accessible way to invest in artificial intelligence (AI). Many traditional investment firms force users to jump through hurdles, like proving they’ve earned over $200k in the past two years to be angel investors, denying a large fraction of the global population entry into their platforms.

Investors now have a more efficient way to invest in AI as the technology continues to evolve rapidly. AI started as an interesting concept that was highlighted in popular media, but it’s now a reality as the technology is incorporated into many devices and services that most people use daily like smartphones and search engines.

InQubeta (QUBE) emerges as one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in this year

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The InQubeta project has so much potential that its success isn’t surprising to those who have monitored the growth of similar projects that have pushed advancements in AI over the last several years. Investments in the sector have grown 10x since 2015, rising from $12 billion to $120 today.

Graphics card and computer chip maker, Nvidia, recently saw its market cap rise over the trillion dollar mark off news that requests for its chips that power AI had risen considerably. InQubeta has also seen an influx of investment capital during the same period, selling over $2.2 million in tokens early in its presale.

InQubeta’s solution-based methodology puts it ahead of most top altcoins in the cryptocurrency space since many investors who don’t have access to conventional investing mediums have been hoping for an alternative for quite some time.

InQubeta’s approach to AI investments

InQubeta uses the power of ERC20 coins, smart contracts, and an Ethereum-based blockchain to create a seamless, transparent way for anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet to invest in AI. Companies generate capital by producing and hawking equity-based ERC20 coins that serve as stocks on the QUBE blockchain. The value of these tokens are based on their makers’ tangible and intangible possessions, not just speculation.

Investors get full ownership of these non-fungible tokens (NFTs) once sales are done and can monitor the value of their tokens on the dashboard of their QUBE account. Investors can hold on to their ERC20 coins long-term or sell them whenever they choose on the marketplace.

Investing in the InQubeta project directly can be just as profitable since tokens are currently undervalued with a potential to grow by up to 100x once launched on exchanges. A 1.5 token limit and burn taxes help to reduce the supply of tokens, driving prices upward.

Bitcoin (BTC) investors losing confidence as prices drop by over 20%

Bitcoin prices have dropped significantly in the past couple of weeks, as has been the case with most cryptocurrencies, as markets go through their worst bearish front this year. Bitcoin’s status as the most popular cryptocurrency remains unchanged and the project has enjoyed lots of positive news lately like an increase in Ordinals trading volume and Europe launching its first Bitcoin ETF.

Bitcoin has the potential to recoup all its recent losses this year, but its most optimistic price projections don’t have it keeping up with InQubeta.


The InQubeta project has become a rallying point for cryptocurrency investors looking to recoup some of these losses and earn some profits as the year’s worst market crash unfolds. InQubeta has the potential to enjoy 100x growth this year, regardless of how bearish crypto markets get.

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