Bitcoin Hashrate Hits Fresh All-Time High After Turbulent December 2022


December 2022 has been an interesting month for the cryptocurrency industry. Although markets didn’t recover much, there have been some wild fluctuations elsewhere. The Bitcoin hashrate saw many highs and lows last month, coinciding with ongoing market pressure. 

Bitcoin Hashrate Can’t Sustain Promising Start

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary on the chart below on December 1, 2022. The network hashrate had risen over the past few days and continued that overall trend. More mining support means a more secure Bitcoin network, which benefits all participants. Moreover, having over 269 exohash/second pointed at the network confirmed strong support overall.

Unfortunately, those numbers could not be sustained for long. If anything, the hashrate chart was somewhat volatile in December 2022. There have been various highs and lows in that month. In addition, the BTC price showed few signs of improving, making investors and miners worry about the future. If miners can’t make ends meet, they will likely switch off their machines altogether. 

By December 3, over 40 exohash/second was gone from the Bitcoin hashrate chart. It reappeared shortly after, before a new drop of roughly 20 exohash/second. Despite the volatility, the network reached new highs of 291.26 exohash/second (December 8) and 293.83 exohash/second (December 31). The chart ended the year on a high, and a new all-time high hashrate was recorded in early January 2023.

There is also a steep dip to 189.59 exohash/second on December 24. It is somewhat common to see such a big drop, especially when it only lasts for a day. However, it seemed someone moved a lot of hardware or was forced to suspend operations on Christmas Eve temporarily. The network recovered swiftly, although it took a few days to surpass 250 exohash/second again. 

A Promising Start To 2023

Despite the fluctuations in 2022, the overall Bitcoin hashrate remains very healthy. There is still tremendous interest in securing the network and validating transactions. More importantly, the Bitcoin hashrate set a new all-time high of 302.91 exohash/second on January 7, 2023. That coincides with a minor change in market momentum, allowing the BTC price to surpass $17,000 again.

Part of the success in mining operations may be due to Bitmain’s product being released in October 2022. The Antminer S19 XP Hyd achieves 225 terahash/second of mining power. It is a beastly machine and one of two units known to be profitable for most miners today. However, it also consumes over 5,000 Watts, confirming it isn’t for home use. There are minimal gains to be made with Bitcoin ASICs these days, but every improvement is well-received. 

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