A lot of different versions of Bitcoin exist already but not all of these forks have made a positive impact on the global crypto ecosystem. In this regard, Bitcoin Green is trying a different approach by supporting the Greek Salvation Army. A new charity masternode will be created to make a meaningful social impact within the nation as well as raise user knowledge regarding alt-currencies

Bitcoin Green is on the Right Track

One way to bring positive attention to cryptocurrencies is by launching charitable events. Bitcoin Green developers are effectively looking at this approach in order to set up a charity node. That project’s main goal is to support the Salvation Army in Greece. Given the country’s recent financial turmoil, the Salvation Army is getting a lot more requests, yet lacks the funding to accommodate most of the people’s needs.

By launching this charity masternode, 100% of the staking rewards generated will be donated to the Greek Salvation Army. The project will run for a total of six months, although it is possible that this duration may be extended when push comes to shove. Additionally, this project will also heavily hinge on how the value of Bitcoin Green evolves in the future. Right now, one BTG is worth just over $2. 

Major Jean-Curtis Plante, Regional Business and Administration Manager at The Salvation Army, had the following words in relation to this matter:

“As we begin to explore creative blockchain powered donation opportunities, The Salvation Army in Greece is thankful for the expertise, advice and generosity of the Bitcoin Green community.”

One thing that Bitcoin Green does differently is focus its attention on being environmentally responsible. There is no mining involved since the project relies on the proof-of-stake protocol. This can lead to creating a scalable and sustainable alternative to Bitcoin, which remains an energy-intensive cryptocurrency at this point.

Final Thoughts

Partnering with the Salvation Army in Greece is a major development for the Bitcoin Green project as a whole. Although it may not necessarily bring more people to the cryptocurrency industry overnight, it shows how Bitcoin and altcoins can be used to do social good. 

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