Merges With futurum bank AG to Meet Legal Requirements

CryptoMode Merger

Germany has always been an interesting country for peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading. To comply with regulatory requirements, is now merging with futurum bank AG. A remarkable milestone, and one that can pave the way for broader adoption. 

The Future of 

Whereas LocalBitcoins is no longer operational in Germany due to regulatory requirements. has been thriving in recent years. It is a platform that provides the exact same service. Bitcoin buyers and sellers can engage in P2P trading at their own leisure and experiment with many different payment methods. 

That being said, even has to step up its game every now and then. Merging with futurum bank AG is a necessity. New regulatory requirements would put a dampener on as a platform and service provider. Legal requirements for storing crypto assets and brokerage transactions are undergoing major changes. 

Instead of trying to achieve this goal without the proper expertise, is merging with futurum bank AG. The classic securities trading bank can help establish new synergies in finance and cryptocurrency alike. 

As part of this merger, several changes will affect the customers. Nothing about the platform will change on the surface. However, futurum bank AG is taking on the rights and obligations of the Bitcoin platform. The earlier partnership with Fidor Bank AG will remain in place to provide express trading services.  

Regarding financial statements, the name Bitcoin Deutschland AG  will no longer be mentioned. Instead, all agreements will refer to futurum bank AG. A few changes are made to the general terms and conditions to reflect the proper wording and inner workings of the platform. 

A Sign of Things to Come?

For several years, there have been signs of potentially introducing more crypto regulation across Europe. In Germany,, it is evident that those changes are already in play today. Overall, these requirements are designed to bring more legitimacy to Bitcoin as a whole. Forcing providers to step up their game is not a bad thing by any means. 

At the same time, is the primary P2P trading platform for Bitcoin in Germany. If it had not established this partnership with futurum bank AG, things would look very bleak. It will be interesting to see what comes of this new agreement. For the time being, obtaining BTC in Germany will remain easy and convenient. 

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