Bitcoin Could Dip Below $25k While Solana and InQubeta’s signals indicate a bull run


The volatile nature of cryptocurrency presents both opportunities and challenges for investors. The shift in market sentiment has created uncertainty around crypto assets, with speculation arising regarding Bitcoin dipping below $25,000. While the possibility of Bitcoin’s retrace looms, two tokens are showcasing indications of a potential bullish run: Solana and InQubeta. In this article, we will delve into the potential decline of Bitcoin. Further, we will explore the bullish signals around Solana and InQubeta and why they are altcoins to watch.

InQubeta (QUBE): An emerging token with strong bullish momentum

Amidst the fluctuations in Bitcoin, InQubeta is maintaining an upward trajectory. As of press time, more than $2.4 million has been raised in the presale, which is a testament to its growing popularity within the crypto landscape and confidence in its value propositions. Its value proposition revolves around reshaping the fundraising landscape of the AI industry, thereby making it poised to become one of the top DeFi projects.

In its bid to transform the fundraising landscape of the AI industry, InQubeta is building the first crowdfunding platform for AI startups through cryptocurrency. This aims to solve one of the critical challenges within the fast-growing AI sector. As a result, InQubeta appears poised for adoption, and its utility token, QUBE, is a good crypto to buy.

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At the heart of the ecosystem will be a custom-built NFT marketplace, where fundraising activities will be held. AI startups will be able to raise funds by minting and tokenizing investment opportunities as equity-based NFTs. Their fractionalization and purchase will result in the creation of funds for startups while offering up stakes in their businesses to investors.

In addition to this novel concept, another chief appeal of the token is its allure of significant profit. According to market experts, it will soar by 30x from its current price of $0.0112. This makes InQubeta a compelling and promising investment option on the verge of a stronger bullish run.

Bitcoin (BTC): Price forecast

Bitcoin is the pioneering cryptocurrency and holds significant influence over the market as well as dominance. However, a recent shift in sentiment has resulted in Bitcoin’s drop from its 2023 peak of $31,000 to hovering just a little bit above $26,000. Meanwhile, according to top experts, Bitcoin could dip below $25,000 and retest old supports.

Moreover, within the past couple of days, Bitcoin has briefly tested the $25k support level. However, if the bulls fail to hold their position, the token might experience a free fall to the $25,000 mark. Nevertheless, such price fluctuations should be expected and shouldn’t be a cause for alarm, considering the volatile nature of cryptocurrency. Also, Bitcoin is known for its resilience and will likely rally from the current bearish sentiment.

Solana (SOL): Strong bullish indicator

Solana (SOL) is a top ten cryptocurrency, ranking 9th by market capitalization. It is an open-source project that aims to provide decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions and the creation of decentralized applications (dApps). Consequently, it is a big player within the blockchain ecosystem thanks to its high throughput, low transaction costs, and scalability.

Its expanding DeFi projects, decentralized applications, and NFT marketplaces contribute to its bullish momentum. Moreover, Solana appears to have bottomed out, down by over 90% from its all-time high. This gives Solana more room for growth, which will propel its surge and make it a top crypto to invest in.


Amid the potential dip of Bitcoin below $25,000, indicators around Solana and InQubeta signal a bullish run. This is due to their unique value proposition and growth potential, which make them the best cryptos to buy for significant returns.

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