Bitcoin Core V0.19.0.1 Offers Quality of Life Changes

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The Bitcoin network keeps advancing, and so does the Bitcoin Core client. Version was released over the weekend and provides some interesting changes.

As is usually the case, there is plenty of room for improvements where the Bitcoin Core client is concerned.

Minor Updates for the Bitcoin Core Client

In this new update, no groundbreaking features are introduced.

There are, however, plenty of quality of life improvements and changes for tech-savvy users to explore.

One of the bigger changes is how the GUI wallet nos provides bech32 addresses by default.

It is still possible to change the address type, either through a visual toggle or through a command line option.

The new client will also address most of the denial-of-service vectors used by criminals and culprits.

This should make it safer for network nodes to remain in operation at all times.

In terms of block-relay features, the new client will also make two additional outbound connections by default.

While all of these improvements are worth paying attention to, there is still a lot of work ahead.

Some users would like to see specific features introduced or altered, yet that will have to wait for at least one more version.

All in all, this Bitcoin Core client update is a minor one, yet that doesn’t mean users should skip it.

Dustin Dettmer is not too happy with the removal of bloom filters as a way to address DDoS vectors.

He had high hopes a different solution would be introduced, yet it seems the Bitcoin Core developers have other ideas.

It is certainly possible this topic will be revisited in a future client version. 

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