Bitcoin can Still hit $300,000 According to Adam Back


The entire world seems to have an opinion and what its “correct” value should be at any given moment. Blockstream’s Adam Back remains convinced that reaching a value of $300,000 is attainable, regardless of what the global circumstances might dictate.

Over the years, numerous Bitcoin price predictions have popped up.

Adam Back Remains Extremely Bullish

Each of them has been more wrong than the previous, but that doesn’t deter experts from sharing their opinion regardless.

As much as anyone would love to see Bitcoin hit a six-digit value, it is also very unlikely that this will happen in the near future.

The world’s leading cryptocurrency is simply too volatile.

That being said, some interesting developments have taken place as of late.

Institutional investors and banks are now paying closer attention to Bitcoin.

For Adam Back, that may not be the catalyst people have been looking for.

He expects Bitcoin to hit $300,000 regardless of these developments. 

How all of the current developments will affect the future Bitcoin price, remains to be determined.

More people are looking for alternative investments, which may bring more attention to Bitcoin and other crypto assets. 

Whether that will be sufficient to warrant a $300,000 price, is a different matter.

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