Bitcoin and Gold Reign Supreme During the Coronavirus Crisis

CryptoMode Shorting Bitcoin With US Currency

There are many different assets competing for traction among investors. Bitcoin, while often considered an outlier, has successfully trumped gold and all other precious metals in quick succession. 

It is always difficult to determine which asset one needs to invest in these days.

Bitcoin Outpaces Gold, but Barely

Traditional options such as stocks, bonds, and treasuries have proven to be rather unreliable in recent months.

Gold and other precious metals are widely considered to be a good option in terms of financial uncertainty.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, has gone through an incredibly volatile period, yet seems to be bouncing back rather quickly. 

In fact, it would appear that Bitcoin has outperformed gold as an investment option throughout the entire coronavirus crisis.

Considering how Bitcoin is referred to  as “digital gold” quite regularly, that only makes this development more interesting.

What makes this even more surprising is how Bitcoin dropped over 60% in value, yet shows no signs of slowing down just yet. 

Ever since climbing back above $5,000, its value has shot up significantly and may very well approach $10,000 again in the coming weeks.

All of this is happening well ahead of the Bitcoin block reward halving, which is widely considered to be a catalyst for a higher BTC value. 

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