Bitcoin and Gaming: Light Nite

CryptoMode Light Nite

Raising Bitcoin awareness requires innovative educational efforts. Mobile gaming is one segment to explore, as it can get the job done relatively easy. Light Nite is a new game that promotes Bitcoin, lets users earn small amounts of BTC, and can provide a fun overall experience.

Light Nite Explained

In the gaming industry, a new project is launched nearly every other day. As far as mobile gaming is concerned, there is even more competition. A lot of companies and developers around the world are eager to explore this space.

For most, it’s a gateway to making money, either by selling in-game items or through traditional ad revenue. This has given mobile games a bit of a bad reputation, as there are very few “free” games where decent progression remains possible. Light Nite fits into this category well.

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At its core, the game is a freemium offering relying on the circular economy. It has an in-game store where items can be purchased. Furthermore, players of the game can sell their items in the online store as well. This makes it possible to earn money with this mobile game, something that is rather rare in the mobile gaming segment altogether. 

Speaking of making money with Light Nite, players can earn money in this multiplayer battle-royale game. All BTC is earned instantly when shooting opponents. Anything picked up in the game can either be consumed or traded to earn some additional revenue. There are many options to explore. Educating the world on Bitcoin by letting them earn it directly is an interesting approach. 

Cartoonish Design is Appealing

As has become apparent in the world of battle-royale gaming, the design of the game needs to cater to players of all ages. Light Nite checks a lot of the right boxes in this regard. It has a cartoonish look that seems to explore middle ground between Fortnite and Borderlands.

The developers opted for this look from day one, as it is compatible with most mobile devices. Even older smartphones and tablets should have no issues rendering the graphics. 

According to the roadmap, there will be some further polishing later this year. This seems to include a few UI improvements, as well as implementing the lobby and a help system. Players will also be able to fully customize their characters and explore the battle pass, which will be introduced at a later date. 

All things considered, this game may prove to be very successful in the end. It is a different take on BR gaming, primarily due to actual incentives with a monetary value attached to them.

Using the circular economy model will also attract a lot of attention. Gamers should be able to monetize their gameplay in one way or another. Light Nite will give them the option to do exactly that. 

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