Binance USD And Big Eyes Coin – How Stablecoins And Meme Coins Are The Perfect Investments In 2023


Binance USD (BUSD) and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) are two cryptocurrencies worth investing in this year.

Unless you’re completely oblivious, you would realise the crypto industry is going through a seriously tough spell at the moment.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin (BTC) is priced at $16,715.39, Ethereum (ETH) is a measly $1,215.33 and Binance (BNB) has seen much better days at $245.28.

And with 2023 in full flow, there is no guarantee these crypto top dogs will bounce back anytime soon.

However, all is not lost. The good thing about some coins declining is the opportunity it gives to lesser or newer cryptocurrencies to shine.

For example, the various stablecoins and meme coins in the market.

As their name suggests, stablecoins are built to be stable, reliable, and non-volatile. Their value is pegged to the US dollar and there is little to no chance for investors to lose money when investing in this coin.

Likewise, meme coins are cryptocurrencies with a slightly humorous element. Saying that, many have become extremely lucrative due to the range of perks and features they offer.

Therefore, in a time when the supposed top cryptocurrencies are struggling it may be time to turn your attention to stablecoins and meme coins.

Binance USD: Reputable And Dependable

Binance USD is the stablecoin derivative of Binance, a coin known for its comprehensive and helpful exchange platform, Binance Exchange.

Reputation aside, Binance USD is reported to be one of the most secure stablecoins in the world. According to reports, it is backed 100% with actual cash and cash reserves. Besides, providing monthly audited reports of its reserves.

The beauty of stablecoins like Binance USD is that it offers a cheap and non-risky entry into the crypto market.

Binance USD is currently priced at $1 which means an investor can purchase the coin and immediately start trading it for other cryptocurrencies.

And if they decide crypto isn’t for them all, after all, it can easily be converted back into a range of fiat-based currencies like pounds, dollars, euros, and more.

Big Eyes Coin: A New Meme Coin With Profit-Making Potential

Big Eyes Coin is only in stage 7 of presale and yet, the meme coin has generated over 12 million dollars, appeared on a 3D billboard in New York, and secured a Tier 1 CEX Launch for its official release.

Indeed, Big Eyes Coin is set to take the crypto industry by storm with its proposal of top ten NFTs, ocean-saving charity donations, and the creation of a fun-filled community of cat lovers.

You can get a taste of what NFTs are to come by checking out the Big Eyes Coin website. If the tokens are half as cute as the branding, it’s plausible their NFTs could be extremely profitable in the future.

As for charity, Big Eyes Coin wants to donate 5% of its total supply which means it may contribute to less global warming and healthier fish (for non-digital cats to enjoy).

And with regards to its community, investors may thoroughly enjoy staking their hold in Big Eyes Coin by attending a variety of in-person events.

Use the code BIGsave999 for a bonus on your purchase.

Final Thoughts

Stablecoins and meme coins may have the most potential in 2023. Binance USD is a safe investment that can be used to infiltrate other cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, Big Eyes Coin is a meme coin that could become very profitable in the future.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)





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