Binance Smart Chain’s Jointer Offers Lucrative Daily Auctions for JNTR

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Jointer continues its successful streak in the world of commercial real estate-backed DeFi. Today’s Daily Auction has only just kicked off, and the ROI for JNTR has increased even further. It is still early for investors to contribute, but each day starts with a discount of over 99% which is incredibly appealing and shows the depth of the Game Theoretic modeling present in the Auction. 

Daily Auction for JNTR can Offer Mega Discounts

The Daily Auction on the Jointer platform is designed to bring the JNTR asset to the masses. Every day, a fixed supply of tokens will be auctioned off to the public. Depending on the amount of money invested overall, investors have a good chance of scooping up JNTR tokens at a discount price and when they reach yesterday’s goal, everyone in the group is guaranteed a 50% discount.

For today’s auction, the current discount sits at 99.65% and there is incentive to be the lead investor for today. Those who contribute the most per day, are rewarded with more bonuses starting at an additional 50%.

With just over 2 hours of today’s Daily Auction in the books, there is just under $11 invested. This is a very low amount, yet one that is likely to increase rather rapidly.  Under the current circumstances, investors can buy JNTR for $0.0015 through the Auction, even though the token’s value sits at $0.4311. Passing up on such discounts is never a good idea. 

Jointer’s Daily Auction works as follows: a daily auction is organized to grant investors access to JNTR at a discount. Anyone who has their account and wallet whitelisted can contribute funds to the auction. Distribution of the JNTR tokens occurs on a pro-rata basis. Once distributed, investors can either sell their tokens at any time, or hold them in a wallet. 

Participating in these auctions will also give investors an option to stake their JNTR and earn passive revenue. Scooping up some cheap JNTR and then putting it to work to earn a constant revenue stream can prove worthwhile. Especially when considering how the token has gained over 4,300% in value since its launch, and it shows no signs of slowing down yet. The JNTR face value has not decreased in nearly in a month.  

Guaranteeing a Group Discount

Jointer’s core business model allows investors to partake in the Daily Auction and achieve a Group discount while placing an individual bonus for daily Auction investment leaders. These discounts and bonuses are created by minting additional JNTR for distribution. This process is taken care of by the project’s core smart contract, which is accompanied by 55 others in their github repository.

Depending on the success of the daily Auction goal, specific amounts of JNTR will be added to the circulating supply. It is an innovative way to allow investors to benefit from the platform’s daily successes while also offering them 90% downside protection on their investment. 

Future batches of JNTR are minted at a 2:1 ratio over 100% of the daily goal. If $10,000 was contributed by investors yesterday  and the current contribution sits at $15,000, the daily face value of JNTR has to be taken into account. At a current value of $0.4311, the calculation for issuing new tokens is as follows:

(($15000 – $10000) /$0.4311) x 2 =  23,196.474 in additional JNTR to be minted.

For every Daily Auction, investors will benefit from 90% downside protection. This protection allows investors to see JNTR’s performance before executing their investment, while still benefiting from the upside. Jointer’s DAO model offers an unprecedented level of peace of mind and is one of the reasons why Jointer stands out in the ever-competitive DeFi sector. 

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