Binance Smart Chain DeFi DAO, Jointer Bridges the ERC20 to BEP20 Gap

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Achieving blockchain interoperability is the next logical step in the evolution of distributed ledgers. Whereas most projects seem to struggle to avoid the “siloed” approach, Jointer has an elegant solution. Known as Jointer Smartswap, it allows for instant asset conversion and zero fees. 

Jointer Displays the Power of Interoperability

Even though blockchains are considered to be “smart” technology, they aren’t too bright. More specifically, these decentralized networks only work well on their own. When it comes to exchanging data with other ecosystems, however, big problems ensue. Most blockchains are incapable of communicating outside of their own network. That can pose big hurdles to broader adoption of this technology.

One approach to solve this matter is by building “bridges“. Being able to connect one blockchain to a different one can address a few pressing matters. It allows for better liquidity, faster conversions, and potentially lower transaction fees. At the same time, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Jointer’s implementation of such a bridge, known as Jointer Smartswap, provides a solution to cross between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Users can swap tokens from ERC20 to BEP20, JNTR, or JNTR/b to JNTR/e. All swaps occur instantly, with no fees, and no price slippage. This makes the concept more appealing than decentralized exchanges, where price slippage is fairly normal. 

Moreover, the JNTR bridge tokens always maintain a 1:1 value. One JNTR/b, for example, will always be equal in value to JNTR/e. This helps create potential arbitrage opportunities across different pools and blockchains. An ecosystem with so many benefits and opportunities for arbitrage stands a level above the rest. 

Improving Overall Liquidity

Due to the inherent nature of Binance Smart Chain, Jointer can tap into the liquidity provided by any other BSC-based blockchains. A proof of concept has been built and tested to make sure this approach is viable. As a result, several JNTR/b tokens were airdropped to Pancake Swap users. Uniswap token holders have been subjected to a buy-one-get-one airdrop of JNTR/e. 

For Binance Smart Chain users, tapping into the liquidity on Ethereum will be a great change. At its core, BSC has much lower gas fees, incentivizing users to trade on this blockchain instead of Ethereum. For traders, it is crucial to increase their profit potential by any means necessary. 

For Jointer, the primary objective is to tap into different business models. These can range from tokenization of commercial rest estate to gamified markets, Live auctions to elevate DeFi, and much more. Its daily auction model confirms the project is still growing consistently, and the value of JNTR is rising along with it. 

Prior to launching its daily auction, Jointer already won multiple awards for its innovative approach. Additionally, the team competed in various international competitions, yielding high praise from organizers and judges. It is a very strong project with solid fundamentals, as can be seen in their well-documented whitepaper

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