Binance Plans to Expand Across Europe and Latin America

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Binance remains the biggest cryptocurrency platform in the world today. Its most recent key hire will only help sustain future growth and expansion.

The team has welcomed Josh Goodbody to its ranks, who will take care of ongoing growth in Europe and Latin America.

Another big Move by Binance

Goodbody is a former JP Morgan Chase executive and State Street Legal Counsel.

As such, he has the necessary knowledge to let Binance grow and evolve in the target regions.

Goodbody is also tasked with developing Binance’s institutional markets in these new regions.

With his knowledge of legal and regulatory affairs, cutting red tape should prove to be rather easy.

Europe is a region seemingly overlooked by most cryptocurrency companies.

The continent has never shown a keen interest in crypto assets either.

As such, competing with existing exchanges and brokers should pose a rather fun challenge.

Latin America is another region where many opportunities lie for cryptocurrency assets.

It has proven to be welcoming in some parts, whereas other countries simply try to drive crypto firms away in droves.

How Binance will fare in this part of the world, will be interesting to keep an eye on.

The future looks bright for cryptocurrency in general, but there is still plenty of work to be done over the coming years.

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