Cryptocurrency companies are always looking to expand their presence in the market. Binance, currently the world’s leading trading platform, is hiring staff for over 100 different positions.

Going on a hiring spree during the coronavirus crisis seems like an odd decision.

Binance Goes on a Hiring Spree

Most companies around the world have to lay off staff or put them on temporary unemployment.

Binance, the renowned cryptocurrency exchange, is taking an entirely different approach.

The company recently confirmed it is hiring staffers around the world to fill over 100 positions.

Most of these job openings provide the option to work from home. 

Looking over the different job openings, this appears to be a global hiring spree.

Binance appears to be stepping up its game in Singapore, Kiev, Brazil, London, Amsterdam, and so forth.

Given the global appeal this company has, it is only normal to see so many job openings scattered all over the world.

It also appears that the company wants to work on more video and motion graphic content, although it remains to be seen how that will play out.

There is also a demand for blockchain developers and engineers, both for the Binance Chain DEX and Trust Wallet.

Filling all of these positions will undoubtedly take a fair bit of time.

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