Binance Coin Shows Bullish Momentum as Value Approaches $5


When the going gets tough in the world of cryptocurrency, all markets will shudder and tremble. However, there are always exceptions to keep an eye on as well. Binance Coin is the first currency to note some major gains in the past few hours, as it has gone green all across the board without too much effort.

Binance Coin Price Eyes the $5 Target

When the value of Bitcoin goes in the red, all other markets will follow. That has been an unwritten rule in this volatile industry for as long as most people can remember. Over the past few months, however, some currencies effectively attempted to decouple their momentum from Bitcoin’s. It seems Binance Coin is one of the currencies on this rather short list.

Over the past few hours, there has been a solid uptrend for the Binance Coin price across the board. Solid gains can be noted in USD, BTC, and ETH value, further confirming this altcoin is doing quite well under the current circumstances. As such, it seems likely the value per BNB will hit $5 in the coming hours, depending on how the market evolves exactly.

On social media, there seems to be a lot of talk regarding the current BNB value. That is only normal, although not everyone is happy with the current conditions by any means. Paulo Fox sees things in a very short-term perspective first and foremost, but that is only normal after the brutal year 2018 has proven to be.

Other traders, however, have high hopes for the BNB price over the coming days. KriptoLevent, for example, hopes to see BNB gain even more traction in the BTC department. If a new level of support can be established, the Binance Coin price can surge quite quickly as a result. An interesting outlook, given the current circumstances.

TelTuna is trying to get more people hyped about Binance Coin. Buying now is, in the eyes of this user, the only viable option for those who do not want to miss out on potential profits over the coming months. It would appear there is also a plan to turn this asset into its own blockchain-based token, which would certainly be interesting to behold.

It is safe to say Binance Coin has become a bullish market out of the blue. Its overall trading volume is still pretty low, but the currency is making some moves in the price department. Especially the gains in BTC and ETH value should not be overlooked, as things are genuinely starting to look good. Reaching the $5 level may be a stretch too far for today, although one never knows how these markets evolve in a few hours from now.

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