Binance Charity Donates $100,000 To Empower Women Through Web 3.0 Education, Big Eyes Charity Donates To Restore Oceans


Binance For Women

Binance Charity celebrated International Women’s Day by donating $100,000 to GITA (Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency) supporting Web 3.0 education and training. This partnership supported 100 women to access professional courses in Web 3.0 and receive support to enter the job market. Binance’s philanthropic sector has supported more than 51,000 women across 10 countries, donating over $3 million to women-only initiatives including 36,215 scholarships.

Binance believes that the support of women’s education is imperative to the development of a socially and economically liberated future. With several programs at work to serve this cause, Binance collaborates with Women in Tech in South Africa, Brazil, and Burundi, to fund the Web 3.0 basics training of 2,800 women in rural communities, develop entrepreneurship skills, and support their journey to employment. Binance is also in partnership with Utiva to strengthen Africa as a hub for tech talent by educating over 50,000 individuals across various African countries and providing 1,000 scholarships – at least 50% women – to learn digital skills and take professional blockchain courses.

Big Eyes With Big Dreams

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a new cryptocurrency currently in its presale stage. Ranking as the biggest crypto presale in 2 years, this coin has much to offer. Big Eyes support of charitable organizations is a championed value of the platform. Contributing 5% of all Big Eyes tokens to marine conservation charities like Orca Network and The Sea Shepherd in an effort to help revive and conserve the world’s oceans. The philanthropic donations made before Big Eyes launch are a testament to the community’s commitment to sharing wealth to impact environmental and social change. Big Eyes’ strong charity initiative and aspirations to impact the NFT market root the coin as an inspiring investment.

Big Eyes continues to seek ways to give back to its community. The platform recently added loot boxes to its platform as a fun and engaging way to provide users with opportunities to make additional gains using a vault pin to access more prizes from its game-changing loot boxes! Loot boxes are randomized bonus prizes, most commonly experienced in video game formats. Big Eyes brings loot boxes to intersect with blockchain technology, giving their investors a chance to win up to 5000% with their purchases. The biggest crypto presale in the last two years continues to rise in numbers and prizes. Using the code 819, investors who spend over $100 at checkout can access additional loot boxes for free and win up to $1000! The more you spend on your initial purchase, the bigger the loot box prize you are able to access.

The possibilities with Big Eyes loot boxes are always BIG, random, and exciting! Prizes start from The Saver Tin, at $9.99 with a possible maximum prize of $500. The Cute Box, at $99 with a maximum prize of $5k. The Kitty Box, at $499 with a maximum prize of $25k. The Super Saiyan Box, at $999 with a maximum prize of $100k. And lastly, the master prize, the Excali-Paw Chest with a maximum prize of $1,000,000! WOW!

And the best part? With each loot box purchase, no prize will be less than your initial buy-in. This aspect of Big Eyes loot boxes is a massive appeal, as everyone in the big Eyes community is truly a winner!

Big Eyes Coin (BIG):





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