Cryptocurrency hedge funds have become increasingly popular over the past year and it now appears as though American investor, Stephen Cohen, has become the latest big-name personality to get involved in cryptocurrency via such an avenue.

Steven Cohen and Cryptocurrency

Hedge funds providing exposure to cryptocurrency are of keen interest to consumers and financial experts alike. Everyone wants to be exposed to cryptocurrency volatility these days, especially now that the prices have come down significantly.

One such hedge fund has attracted the attention of billionaire Steven Cohen. The investment has been made through Cohens’ private ventures and further specifics remain a bit unclear at this time.

The hedge fund in question goes by the name of Autonomous Partners and is a relatively new project which has attracted investments from various financial experts and cryptocurrency industry leaders. The fund is mainly investing in cryptocurrencies which serve an actual purpose, rather than focusing on speculation.

Final Thoughts

The coming months will be very interesting for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole, although there is still plenty of room for future improvements. Finding stability within this space, now, seems to be more important as compared to simply hoping for wild price gains.

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