Biggest Gainers of the Crypto Short Squeeze: Hex (HEX), Ethereum (ETH) and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)


The current crypto short squeeze has had a substantial impact on the markets.

Some tokens have tanked beyond previous lows, while others have risen to new heights (with Orbeon’s first stage presale being a prime example). Let’s take a look at the three biggest gainers of the crypto short squeeze.


Why Hex, Ethereum and Orbeon are Finding Success While Most Other Tokens are Getting Dragged Downwards

It may seem a little strange that Hex, Ethereum and Orbeon happen to be thriving while other tokens seem to be struggling to stay afloat.

However, there is one thing that ties all of these coins together, and this is utility.

Hex, Ethereum and Orbeon all provide a significant amount of utility to the world, and they manage to provide a service that is solving issues with industries today.

This is precisely what sets the aforementioned tokens apart from most others on the market.

The markets are in an abysmal place right now, and in an effort to get as much value as possible from their investments, investors are only choosing to go with options that have actual value on top of the currencies in question.

Investors are looking at Hex, Ethereum and Orbeon as a way to find some stability, and for all intents and purposes, this seems to have been the right decision.

An Incredible Start For the Orbeon Protocol

While Hex and Ethereum are certainly holding their own in the current markets, Orbeon seems to be enjoying growth beyond the market standard.

Compared to Hex and Ethereum, Orbeon is soaring dramatically, and all indications point towards Orbeon further rising in its token price.

Orbeon Protocol is a unique project with strong real-world use cases, and this is driving the price surge behind ORBN. Orbeon Protocol functions as a blockchain investment platform, in which startups can be minted as fractionalised NFTs.

These NFTs can then be sold for as low as $1, functioning as an investment in a company. This approach allows startups to gain investment quickly and efficiently while investors can support previously inaccessible opportunities for relatively low capital. With such a unique niche to fill, ORBN is surging in price.

Hex and Ethereum are still terrific bets for the short squeeze, however, compared to Orbeon, Hex and Ethereum do not have nearly as high of a ceiling, and it looks as though Orbeon is going to be the main winner throughout this short squeeze.

Is Now a Good Time to invest?

Investor worry is at an all-time high. Some may have even considered pulling out their investments and waiting for the storm to blow over.

However, with the performance of Hex, Ethereum and Orbeon Protocol, as well as any other utility-based crypto for that matter, investors are instead opting to buy into projects that offer significant utility, so that their value will continue to grow even after the short squeeze passes.

An example of this investor action is the Orbeon Protocol presale; with utility at the forefront of the project, investors are flocking to buy ORBN, and such a demand has led analysts to predict a 6000% price increase by the end of presale. With this, the current price of $0.004 would explode to $0.24.

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