Big Eyes Presale Excites The Market While Dominant Bitcoin Holds Steady


The cryptocurrency market got off to a great start this year, the same could be said about Bitcoin(BTC) also. BTC is usually a mirror of the market as a whole, and it often means well for altcoins and the rest of the market when it holds a healthy price trend. Big Eyes(BIG) has seen fast progress since the start of the presale, selling a record $1 million in the first week of the presale. Momentum slowed last December as Bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole was under bearish conditions.

However, the presale has picked up again this year, with Big Eyes(BIG) almost doubling the amount it raised in January. The market has been somewhat healthy since the year started, and it’s providing room for crypto projects to grow. The presale presents an opportunity for early investors to buy in early, and opportunities are as low-risk as it gets. This is because the tokens sell below market price, so when they hit the market, you can sell for profit or hold for longer for even more profit.

Bitcoin(BTC) Takes The Biggest Bite

Bitcoin(BTC) is the largest crypto asset in the market with a dominant 40% + which explains the price patterns with the rest of the market. The cryptocurrency got off to a strong start this year sending ripples of optimism through the sector. Investors are hoping for a better year than 2022, where they can recoup the losses from last year.

The most popular cryptocurrency ended in January with its greatest month since 2013, with a gain of approximately 40% on a monthly basis. This occurred as the asset eventually surpassed $17,000 at the beginning of the year and soared to over $23,000 by the month’s conclusion.

The US Federal Reserve was set to end its first FOMC meeting of the year yesterday, February 1; however, there was some anticipation of increased market volatility. Most projections indicated that the central bank would raise interest rates by 25 basis points, which is generally viewed as positive for riskier assets considering the prior increases of 75 points.

However, beyond the short-term technical analysis and price predictions, Bitcoin has demonstrated that it can continue to grow its value and push the frontier of decentralized financial solutions. Bitcoin is a good hold for anyone optimistic about the future of the cryptocurrency landscape; you can’t go wrong holding some BTC.

Big Eyes(BIG) Extends Its Incredible Presale

Big Eyes is a new memecoin project on the ethereum project looking to recreate the meta of the memecoin landscape with unique narratives and the use of cutting-edge blockchain utilities. Big Eyes already has the memecoin community enthralled, as the success of the new project on presale can’t be ignored. Most people already suspect it will rival Dogecoin(DOGE) and Shiba Inu(SHIB).

Big Eyes uses cat memes to push its narratives, bringing a unique approach into a space oversaturated with dog memes. This creates some subtle rivalry with dog meme communities, but the traction has proved useful for Big Eyes’ growth. The Big Eyes community has continued to grow as members keep stacking as many tokens as possible as the launch approaches.

Big Eyes aims to put DeFi to good use in creating innovative features that can bring value to its ecosystem and help its holders create wealth. Big Eyes is impressive on presale so far, and you shouldn’t miss out on anything. Join the Big Eyes presale here and use the promo code LAUNCHBIGEYES200 to claim a 200% bonus on your purchase.

There’s currently a new LOOTBOX scheme which will allow investors to make huge gains with zero risk. You could potentially make $100,000, all of the gifts will be offered in BIG tokens and available upon completion of each challenge.





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