Big Eyes NFT Future Plans Could As Well Merge With Blockchain Games Like Axie Infinity

Big Eyes(BIG) is the memecoin of the season and pretty much the most hyped cryptocurrency presently. The memecoin is still on presale, but the momentum it has garnered points to many opportunities for early adopters. It explains why the memecoin sells on presale at record speed, and most crypto enthusiasts are fighting for an early entry by buying on presale. Big Eyes would primarily be a DeFi token, looking to create wealth for its holders using the innovative features at its disposal.

Its primary focus would be to create opportunities out of DeFi. Still, with the project’s potential in the NFT market, it’s only a matter of time before they create compatible utilities. Being a community-governed project, we may also get to see the project begin to create something in the style of blockchain games like Axie Infinity(AXIE).

Blockchain games are a decent utility for memecoin projects to adopt because they create more fun ways to make the community interact. Memecoins projects are primarily about fun, community vibes, and memes. With blockchain games, you can create events and competitions that would push the community’s strength to a new level.

Axie Infinity(AXIE)

Axie Infinity(AXIE) is a play-to-earn game where players battle with pokemon-style characters called monsters for in-game prizes and assets that are tradable for money on the game’s marketplace. The monsters are NFTs used as characters with different features and skills. In the game, players can kill other players to loot their in-game assets and make some money off them. Axie Infinity became popular in 2021, exposing the massive potential this offering has not only to the crypto market but also to the gaming sector.

The Ronin chain, an ethereum sidechain on which the Axie game is built, has done an all-time NFT trading volume of over $4 billion, only falling behind the Ethereum mainnet with almost $30 billion. To exert the influence Axie has on the NFT market; it is almost double the trading volume of the Solana network, which is another top network for NFT trading. The Axie game has inspired several other crypto projects to consider the prospects of blockchain games.

Big Eyes(BIG)

Big Eyes(BIG) is a new memecoin project with huge prospects to be as big as the likes of

Dogecoin(DOGE) and Shiba Inu(SHIB). Although top memecoins like DOGE have presented the template used by most other emerging meme projects for years, Big Eyes takes a unique approach to its offerings. Big Eyes(BIG) is a cat-inspired memecoin looking to establish a position as a top project.

Recognizing the need to be new in the memecoin landscape, Big Eyes abandons the dog memes meta used by hundreds of other memecoin projects that couldn’t find success. The cat memes narrative has been working well for Big Eyes, and its community already believes there should be room for other memecoins with mascots other than dogs.

Big Eyes aims to help its holders create wealth and create several success stories like Shiba Inu(SHIB) did with its blowup. This new Big Eyes project has shown prospects and unique market offerings. The Big Eyes presale sells at record speed, and the project is looking to reach a target of $8.45 million on its stage 5 presale.

Token price always increases slightly at each presale stage; you can join the presale now and buy for cheap before the end of phase 5.

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