Big Eyes Launches NFT Collection with Innovative Presale Approach


What are the benefits of a presale offering early buy ins for NFTs?

In a bear market, investors are always looking for alternative ways to invest their money. One of the most popular ways to do so is through presales, which offer investors the opportunity to get in on a project before it goes public. Presales have been around for a while now and are popular in the cryptocurrency space, where they can often offer better returns on investment than traditional assets or markets. But with the rise of meme coins and NFTs, the presale scene is thriving more than ever.

Meme coins have become increasingly popular in the cryptocurrency space due to their high ROI potential. These coins are often based on internet memes or cultural references, and can have a loyal following of fans. Investors who get in early on a successful meme coin can see huge returns on their investment. One such meme coin is Big Eyes, which has recently entered the presale scene.

Big Eyes is an Ethereum-based meme coin that offers investors the opportunity to get in on a potentially lucrative project before it goes public. But what sets Big Eyes apart from other recent presales, such as Metacade? The answer lies in its loot boxes. While Metacade (MCADE) is a gaming-focused platform that uses blockchain technology to allow gamers to earn rewards for their in-game achievements, Big Eyes’ loot boxes provide investors with the chance to win big every time they play.

Big Eyes Has Even BIGGER Prizes

The loot boxes come in a variety of prices, starting with The Saver Tin, which costs $9.99 and offers a $500 top prize. The Adorable Box, which costs $99 and has a $5,000 potential prize, the Kitty Box, which costs $499 and has a $25k maximum prize, and the Super Saiyan Box, which costs $999 and has a $100k maximum prize, are the boxes that come next. The grand prize, The Excali-Paw Chest, offers a whopping $1,000,000 top reward.

What’s interesting about these loot boxes is that they’re not like traditional gambling. While traditional gambling can be addictive and lead to financial ruin, the loot boxes offered by Big Eyes are always an interesting and gratifying game, never a losing one. It doesn’t matter how much you invest because you will inevitably receive your money back. In fact, the best-case scenario is for your loot box purchase to equal the jackpot payout of $100,000!

But the loot boxes aren’t the only innovative aspect of Big Eyes’ presale. The project has also approached the reveal of its NFT collection in a unique way. By offering investors the opportunity to buy in before the collection is fully revealed, Big Eyes has created a sense of excitement and exclusivity that is rarely seen in the presale scene. This has led to a surge in interest in the project, with many investors eagerly awaiting the full reveal of the collection.

Overall, it’s clear that the presale scene is thriving in the bear market, and presales such as Big Eyes are offering some of the best investment opportunities around. With the rise of meme coins and NFTs, investors have more options than ever before to diversify their portfolios and potentially earn high returns on their investments. And with Big Eyes’ innovative approach to the presale scene, it’s clear that this exciting new market is only going to continue to grow in the coming years.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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