Big Eyes Is On An Unstoppable Rise: Can The Cat Coin Surpass Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Like Tether And Binance?


Tether (USDT) and Binance (BNB) are two of the most popular cryptocurrencies around. But with the crypto industry constantly changing, there is no guarantee that these coins will maintain their position in the foreseeable future.

This is especially because quirkier, stranger, and ultimately more lucrative cryptos like Big Eyes Coin (BIG) are being introduced.

Cryptocurrency will always be about making a healthy return from your investment. A digital, business proposition where staking your hold in the right coin can be life-changing.

However, in an industry so volatile, the need for additional perks with each investment is becoming increasingly important. It’s simply not enough anymore to check coinmarket every day and pray for a positive spike in value.

Further incentives are required to keep crypto geeks hooked and happy to remain in the crypto ecosystem. Meme coins hit the nail on the head by adding an element of fun with games, NFTs, and an interactive community.

This doesn’t mean the likes of Tether and Binance lose their utility, rather in the grand scheme of things, enjoyable and transcending cryptocurrencies like Big Eyes Coin are likely to entice a greater variety of investors apart from the average crypto nerd.

There Is No Hell For Leather With Tether

As a stablecoin, Tether is never going to set the crypto world alight, but that’s exactly the point. Since its inception in 2014, Tether has always maintained a price of around $1, hence being very ‘stable’.

Tether is the ideal cryptocurrency if you want to broaden your financial portfolio, enter the crypto market for the first time with minimal risks or purchase certain products and services that accept it as payment.

However, unlike Binance or Big Eyes Coin, the potential to make a profit is little to none. So for investors who are only interested in financial gain, Tether doesn’t make much sense.

Binance Does The Basics

Binance Coin is a lot more rounded than Tether. At the time of writing, Binance is priced at $288.32 and peaked at $650.47 back in November 2021. Therefore, there is immense potential to make a profit for savvy investors.

Furthermore, Binance Coin has its own platform. A website where investors can settle transaction fees, take part in exclusive token sales, and pay for a large array of goods and services.

But apart from that, there is nothing overly exciting about Binance. It’s just one cryptocurrency out of many with profit-making potential.

Big Eyes Coin Is Booming

Big Eyes Coin has raised over $9 million in its presale and with several stages to go, the cat currency is only going to generate more funds before its official release.

Not your average crypto, Big Eyes is looking to stand out from an ocean of meme coins by proposing top ten adorable NFTs, an interactive cat-loving community, and charity donations.

Speaking of oceans, Big Eyes Coin intends to donate 5% of its total supply to ocean-saving charities, meaning less global warming, a cleaner environment, and an increased supply of tastier fish for the non-digital cats of the world.

So while investing in an inevitably lucrative coin, investors will simultaneously do their bit to help the planet. Besides, becoming addicted to a range of cute and colourful items in the NFT Sushi Crew.

Still, crypto nerds must act fast if they want to get a headstart on Big Eyes Coin and they can, by using the code BEYES970 for a bonus.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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