Big Eyes Could Make You A Top Gainer Soon, As Chainlink And Compound Show Signs Of Potential Price Increase


Keeping an eye on promising crypto assets could be a worthwhile effort in the coming year. The market dynamics have changed drastically, and mere hype isn’t enough reason to consider a project.

You must consider other necessary factors, question every prediction, and do your research before adopting any project. Doing all these helps you make informed decisions and keep you updated about market trends. It increases your chances of being a top gainer in the market.

Market gains come from good buys. Hence, you should consider altcoins that could make good buys months from now. Big Eyes (BIG), Compound (COMP), and Chainlink (LINK) are great purchase options to consider, as they have high success potential.

Chainlink (LINK) The First Blockchain Platform

Chainlink is the first blockchain platform to securely connect smart contracts with off-chain data, leveraging oracle networks. The decentralized network is a top data processing protocol, and it allows developers to build universally connected smart contracts. It is an open-source project with many participants playing different roles to ensure its development and growth.

Chainlink is a DeFi protocol and provides live data feeds for different dApps, including Compound, Aave, Synthetix, and others. Chainlink token (LINK) is the platform’s governance and utility token and a good crypto asset. The cryptocurrency is trying to recover after the general price dump, and this could be your chance to gain from it.

Compound (COMP) The Ethereum Built DeFi

Compound is an Ethereum-built DeFi protocol where users can earn passive income leveraging their crypto holdings. Crypto holders fund the platform’s pool to earn interest and can do so using 14 different crypto assets. Compound offers numerous incentives to users and also provides crypto-backed loans with reduced interest.

The platform’s main token, COMP, facilitates governance and backs the lending and borrowing process on the protocol. It suffered a significant price dump in the current year, reaching an all-time low. However, its recovery in the past months has been impressive and could be a good buy in the long run.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) The New Meme Token

Big Eyes (BIG) is a presale meme token that could make you a top gainer in the coming year. The new cryptocurrency is billed for a great performance when it launches on major exchanges, and early adopters could be the highest gainer from the crypto asset. Purchasing the presale token at this point can still yield a good return, causing many crypto enthusiasts to switch focus to Big Eyes presale.

The crypto asset’s presale has been impressive since it started. Big Eyes have exceeded the target presale amount, and it’s now close to raising $11 million. Crypto enthusiasts believe Big Eyes (BIG) presale success is a glimpse of what is to come when the meme coin finally launches in the crypto market. The crypto asset has gained prominence and enjoys increased adoption due to its market prospect and utility in fast-growing crypto sectors.

The fast-rising, community-focused, and user-centered platform aims to help users improve their finances while enhancing individuals’ knowledge and adoption of DeFi. It will feature a swap for seamless and tax-free crypto asset exchanges. Big Eyes is well-audited and certified to be anti-rug. It runs a dynamic treasury system and allocates funds for charity, liquidity acquisition, and token burn. All of these have positive effects on its value.

Big Eyes charity funds will be channeled toward ocean protection. It features incentive and reward mechanisms for community members to aid active participation in the growth and development of the project. Big Eyes will continue to enjoy increased hype and buzz as effective marketing strategies are in place to increase the meme coin’s popularity and acceptance.

Analysts’ predictions on the meme coin’s performance in the coming months make it a must-have token in your portfolio. You should consider joining the presale ASAP.

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