Big Eyes Coin, Zilliqa, And Near Protocol Are Among Cryptocurrencies That Could Yield Unexpected Returns In 2023


The current year comes to an end a few weeks from now, but there’s still much to do in it to make the coming one a great year. Market analysts believe the period leading to Christmas could be a good time to add promising cryptocurrencies to your crypto holdings in anticipation of a good run in the new year.

According to experts, Big Eyes (BIG), Zilliqa (ZIL), and Near Protocol (NEAR) are cryptocurrencies you should keep on your watchlist, as they could bring unexpected returns before the last quarter of 2023. Crypto assets could make good purchases, especially Big Eyes Coin (BIG), which could blow soon.

Zilliqa – The Permissionless Blockchain Network

Zilliqa (ZIL) is a permissionless blockchain protocol that leverages sharding technology to improve scalability, allowing it to complete numerous transactions per second. Zilliqa is highly beneficial to dApp builders, and many decentralized applications (dApps) are deployed on the network. It offers cheaper and faster transactions, making it a favourite to many. Despite its high efficiency, Zilliqa still ensures it remains environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

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It allows seamless operation and makes creating digital infrastructures easy for developers. The platform users can earn by leveraging ZIL, Zilliqa’s native token, through staking or farming. According to analysts, ZIL is a crypto asset to keep an eye on. The utility token has promising potential, and it showed a glimpse of it in the last bull market. This holiday season, when market activities would be high, maybe the perfect time for adoption, as the crypto asset could rally from its current low point to a market price of around $1.

Near Protocol – The Community Run Computer Platform

Near Protocol (NEAR) is a cloud-computing blockchain network that leverages Nightshade technology to achieve high scalability, making it a better choice than its competitors. Web3 developers have found Near Protocol beneficial over the years due to its high speed, low cost, relative ease of use, and seamless onboarding features.

The decentralized blockchain platform’s native token, NEAR, is used to make necessary payments on the network and can be leveraged for rewards through staking. It is a crypto asset with over $3 billion market worth and ranks among the top 25 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Near Protocol (NEAR) has experienced a huge price decline during this campaign, but the coming year may be better.

Big Eyes Coin – The Feline Meme Currency

Crypto buyers are optimistic about Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and major market players’ share in the sentiment. Huge FOMO surrounds the new meme coin, and its adoption keeps growing daily. It has raised $11+ million on presale and could hit the $20 million mark shortly after Christmas if it continues at this pace. Big Eyes Coin increased acceptance and prominence can’t be credited to a particular reason or factor. Many things were combined to ensure the crypto project grew and enjoyed universal acceptance. Its unique features and utility, marketing strategy, and favourable market dynamics have helped push the new meme coin beyond barriers, and it’s looking like the next big deal in the crypto space.

Big Eyes Coin is a cat-theme meme coin with added utility that hopes to improve the DeFi ecosystem, provide wealth security for members in the Big Eyes Coin ecosystem, and save the world’s ecosystem through charity. The Ethereum-based crypto project will improve DeFi accessibility by providing tutorial resources to increase DeFi knowledge and having a Swap to make crypto assets exchange easier. Big Eyes Coin has a 200 billion total supply, with about 80% available on presale. This gives everyone an equal opportunity to own a certain share of the presale tokens. The more you own, the higher your profit margin could be when the crypto asset eventually rises in price. BIG is still available on presale, and you should join as soon as possible.

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