Big Eyes Coin Takes On New York! Can This Meme Token Compete With The Likes Of Solana and Avalanche?


Solana (SOL) and Avalanche (AVAX) are two cryptocurrencies that have remained at the forefront of the crypto market for some time now. Their expansive platforms have helped secure a loyal community that supports them through adversity. Although they have seen extreme volatility during the past week, experts believe they will recover.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has taken over The Big Apple! The new meme token has placed advertisements in Times Square, introducing the platform to new users and potentially increasing traction. Big Eyes Coin has raised $9.84 million at the time of writing and is continuing to grow! Let’s find out whether Big Eyes Coin has what it takes to compete with these two crypto giants.

Big Eyes Is On The Rise

Big Eyes Coin has garnered significant attention since the platform began its journey in the crypto market. The meme token has shown progress, keeping to the pledges it has made through its whitepaper. Big Eyes Coin has pledged its support for the oceans, raising $1,000 for Sea Shepherd, inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Additionally, Big Eyes Coin has made its presence known in the NFT sector. The platform holds ambitious plans to host an NFT collection in the top ten projects, potentially catapulting its market capitalisation!

So, what has Big Eyes Coin’s advertisement in Times Square done for the platform? Approximately 330,000 people walk through Times Square each day. If Big Eyes Coin reaches these people each day, the platform will undoubtedly receive increased traction.

Want to find out more about Big Eyes Coin? Check out the video below!

Solana Plummets 56%

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Solana has seen one of the worst weeks in crypto history, plummeting 56.21% in seven days at the time of writing. While the current trend of the crypto giant is negative, the services it offers have remained some of the best in the crypto market.

Solana is capable of unfathomable speeds at its peak performance. Due to its Proof-of-History (PoH) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus, Solana can reach 50,000 transactions per second, making it one of the fastest blockchains in the industry.

Solana’s speed effectively solves the scalability issue in the blockchain trilemma, showcasing Solana’s importance in the crypto market. Although Solana is depreciating at the time of writing, it could rise in the future, as most crypto giants with use cases do.

Avalanche Drops To Nineteenth

Like Solana, Avalanche has seen a negative week in terms of value. The crypto giant’s market capitalisation has dropped significantly, making it the nineteenth largest. Avalanche has declined by 28.20% in seven days at the time of writing, showcasing how volatile the crypto market can be.

Avalanche is one of the most significant crypto giants in the market due to its environmental impact. Avalanche became carbon neutral in November 2021, showing those at the top of the crypto market have the potential to curb their energy usage, removing the notorious connotations that come with the crypto market’s energy usage.

Although Avalanche is decreasing in value, it is following the trend set by the rest of the crypto market. Due to its use cases and its energy-efficient properties, Avalanche is likely to increase in the future with Solana.

Final Thoughts

Avalanche and Solana have seen unfortunate declines in the past week due to the crypto market’s current trend. While their decline looks ominous, they represent a unique buying opportunity while their values are low. Big Eyes Coin offers the same opportunity while it is in presale. You can purchase the token for a low price before it potentially explodes after launch.

Big Eyes Coin offers 5% bonus tokens with each order that uses the code ‘BIGE325’ at the checkout. Sign up now to claim yours!

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