Big Eyes Coin Raised $500,000 in One Day! How Much More Can it Raise Now it has Secured a Tier 1 CEX Listing!?


Wednesday the 4th of October, Big Eyes raised half a million Dollars. Half a million! That kind of volume in a presale meme token is nearly unprecedented in the history of cryptocurrencies!

Is this the beginning of the real Big Eyes hype machine? Could it raise more than 500k in a day? Let’s find out!

Big Eyes Coin Tier 1 Centralised Exchange – Confirmed!

Big Eyes announced yesterday (4th of October) that the BIG token will be coming to a top exchange near you! Fans of the project and the community are desperate to find out which particular exchange BIG will be listed on; which is only adding fuel to the hype-inducing fire surrounding Big Eyes Coin.

The liquidity and extra capital that a centralised exchange (CEX) brings to a token are unparalleled. It is extremely common to see tokens spike (sometimes) several thousand percent upon the first few days of centralised exchange trading. Now Big Eyes has secured a listing, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the presale’s success move into the stratosphere.

Many investors in Big Eyes will be looking for that immediate ‘first-day pump’, others will be holding the coin for years as a hedge against other established meme tokens like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. For you, it makes no difference what others’ ambitions with the coin are; they all positively impact your purchase of Big Eyes.

If Big Eyes can raise $500k in a single day before the announcement of a CEX, imagine how much it will raise once the CEX has been officially confirmed! Rumours are already circulating as to the potential market capitalisation of Big Eyes Coin before the end of the presale, many of them gaining greater confluence every day!

Big Eyes Stage 3 Presale Ending Very Soon

With waves of positivity ebbing out of everything BIG, the 3rd presale stage has absolutely flown by and is likely to be over within 48 hours. Once stage 3 is over, the token value increases and investors receive fewer Big Eyes tokens per USDT, Ethereum (ETH) or BNB.

This is another reason the stages are swiftly selling out. Investors want to receive as many tokens an for the best monetary value possible. The presale rewards the earliest investors as every presale stage increases the value of each token. If you aren’t convinced to buy now, then you will never be convinced! Well… Maybe this will:

While you shouldn’t place your investment strategies on how cute a project is, a cute and community-owned cat like Big Eyes certainly helps! The development team are also planning an NFT collection, all with similarly inspired art to the graphic above. The details are still undisclosed but the collection will only add to the hype and mesmerization that the community have with the Big Eyes cat.

Buy Big Eyes in October!

The Big Eyes presale has launched a special, spooky bonus in October! Use the code BIGOCT22 for a 5% bonus on the presale homepage! This will compound your profits once the BIG token has launched and is available for public trade. This again shows the sincerity the team behind the project has to its community. They want the very best for Big Eyes, but also for everyone who is buying and supporting the project in its presale.

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