Big Eyes Coin NFT’s Can Outperform Those Made By Sandbox


Big Eyes Coin(BIG) is a memecoin on presale but has taken the cryptocurrency market by storm. Crypto enthusiasts are looking at the potential of the ethereum-based token being at least one of the top memecoins in the market at the moment. It has had incredible numbers on presale, which are quite impressive for early investors, and its assurance of profit when the project launches.

Big Eyes has plans to break into the NFT market with some extra utilities that allow the community to build more value. Moreso, the NFT market is somewhat independent of the general market condition. It has proven to be a market to generate wealth regardless of a bull market or a bear market.

In Q3 of 2022, NFT trading volume increased to $2.71 billion, a 67% decrease over the previous quarter. However, revenues are up 8.3% over the previous quarter, as confirmed by the current edition of the DappRadar Industry Report. In September alone, NFT trading volume increased by 10.4% over the previous month. Furthermore, revenues climbed by 21%, indicating that the NFT industry is still in high demand. On the other hand, the total loss in trading volume might be attributed to the cryptocurrency market’s decline in value.

Sandbox, however, is not particularly influential on the NFT market. Still, being powered by NFTs, it has made good use of the assets to build a virtual reality world which is one of the leading metaverse solutions we have today.

Toys Back In The Box – Sandbox(SAND)

Sandbox(SAND) is a game in which players may purchase digital plots of land called LAND and build experiences on top of them to share with other users. Sandbox shares so many similarities to Decentraland(MANA), being that it is also a metaverse-focused solution. The Sandbox contains two extra native tokens that regulate the activities in its metaverse: SAND, the cryptocurrency, and the NFTs.

Sandbox(SAND) is built on the Ethereum blockchain and all of the transactions involving the digital LAND and other NFT assets are processed on the network. Users can interact with the ecosystem further by uploading their ERC-1155 tokens into the game. Developers may also innovate inside the Sandbox platform by creating the motion and interactions shown on their virtual real estate with various tools, including the voxel editor and game maker used to build 3D environments up to the tiniest bit of information existing in it.

Cat That Got The Cream – Big Eyes(BIG)

Big Eyes(BIG) is an ethereum-based memecoin with immense potential across several crypto landscapes and is at the top of the watchlist in the cryptocurrency market. The momentum on presale is insane, and the project has raised over $6.5 million, looking to reach its target of $8.45 million. It could be the next Shiba Inu(SHIB), and with the hype preceding its launch, it might just bring life back into the market and send us into a bull run.

Big Eyes(BIG) aims to create wealth for its community using innovative DeFi features, but as mentioned earlier, there’s a lot of potential for the project in the NFT market. However, the project claims its NFT utilities will serve as access tokens to more content and community events. While that may be the primary aim, the cute big-eyed cat memes serving as the mascot for this token will serve up well and create some volume in the NFT market.

Big Eyes(BIG) is primed to be the biggest launch of the season, and smart investors are buying up the token fast on presale. Join the presale here, so you don’t miss out.

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