Big Eyes Coin May Potentially Provide Bigger Gains than Polygon and Hedera in a Few Months


Cryptocurrency investors have made a lot of money. Many people lost their funds because of poor investment strategies. Many crypto investors forget that it is a digital asset and uninformed decisions can cost money. There is nothing wrong with joining a crypto learning academy to understand how the crypto industry works.

Expert investors check the official website, price, transparency, source code, community, social media presence, and many other things to find the best crypto assets. The Big Eyes (BIG) Coin is selling out quickly because it satisfies their requirements. Even Polygon (MATIC) and Hedera (HBAR) Coin holders are putting their funds in the BIG Coin.

Big Eyes: The Latest Potential 100X Meme Coin Project

The Big Eyes Coin is a meme coin and it is way more useful than all meme coins currently floating in the market. This digital asset has been introduced to move wealth away from traditional financial systems. It aims to shift wealth into the decentralised finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Big Eyes is going to provide 90% BIG Tokens at launch. Interested users can buy the BIG Token and become valuable members of the Big Eyes community. It will be the most popular and powerful cryptocurrency community with some big plans for success.

Ready to overtake all the popular meme coins!

Meme coins have delivered huge returns in the past. Their values are declining now and crypto users are looking for a new boat to sail through the storm. The Big Eyes Coin is following a well-planned approach to become the most renowned crypto asset in 2022. It will build the largest community of meme coin users. It will make all investors wealthier by distributing profit and reaching the ranks of top meme coins.

Using funds to protect oceans

Establishing and protecting ocean sanctuaries is one of Big Eyes Coin’s major goals. This platform will educate community members and encourage them to take an initiative. It will shift 5% of coins into a charity wallet that will be visible to all. The funds will be used to protect marine life, clean oceans, and spread awareness among people.

Educating beginners

The Big Eyes platform will try to make the DeFi ecosystem more powerful than the traditional banking system. It can achieve that goal if more people trust in decentralised finance. Many people do not know what DeFi is and how dApps work. Therefore, this platform will provide detailed tutorials and guides to educate beginners.

One of the top-performing crypto assets in the presale round

Many cryptocurrencies fail to attract buyers during the presale round. Failed ICOs trigger the downfall of entire projects, but the Big Eyes platform is not facing such a situation. This meme coin is selling out pretty fast! Buyers from all over the world are joining the Big Eyes platform to buy the BIG Coin. They believe this meme coin can become one of the leading cryptocurrencies in 2022. Investors will generate huge profits if the Big Eyes platform achieves its initial goals.

How to buy the BIG Coin?

You can buy the BIG Coin in the ongoing presale event. Sign up and select the number of coins you want, and then buy those coins. The BIG Meme Coin seems the best potential crypto asset for long-term investment.

Polygon: Offering a Complete Suite of Ethereum-scaling Solutions

Skilled developers have created the Polygon platform for developers, who want to craft the most feature-rich dApps on the Ethereum network. This platform blends the best features of Ethereum and other sovereign blockchain networks to offer the best multi-chain system. Polygon is much safer, benefits from Ethereum’s vast network, and is more powerful.

The MATIC Coin is Polygon’s native cryptocurrency. All developers and platform users use this crypto asset to pay for transactions, tools, and gain staking rewards. As per reports, the weekly non-fungible token volume on the Polygon platform has grown. There are over 184,000 active NFT wallets and the weekly NFT volume has increased by 37%.

Hedera: An Enterprise-grade Public Network Powered by an Energy-efficient Crypto Asset

Decentralised infrastructure became popular with the success of Bitcoin. Ethereum introduced smart contracts to establish people’s trust in blockchain technology. Both blockchains have flaws that force developers to seek better solutions. Hedera is offering an enterprise-grade proof-of-stake public network. It uses hashgraph consensus to make the network safer, extremely fast, and incredibly energy-efficient.

The HBAR Coin fuels the growth of the Hedera network. It is a utility token network users need for transaction fees, governance, and staking. As per reports, Hedera has announced that it will support the HeliSwap decentralised exchange (DEX). This DEX is the leading exchange to support the ERC-20 coin standard on Hedera. It will allow Hedera network users to swap coins conveniently with ERC-20 coins.

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