Big Eyes Coin Joins Tamadoge And As A Profitable Meme Coin To Watch Out For In 2022


The only notable difference between those who made massive profits from the first meme coins like Dogecoin(DOGE) and Shiba Inu(SHIB) is that the former were earlier than the latter. One of the most significant factors in investing in the crypto market is knowing when to enter and positioning yourself as an early gainer. With the bear market still very much in the picture, crypto prices are down by almost 60%, with nearly zero possibilities of making money from existing cryptocurrencies. Except we witness a massive pump overnight, which might not even be enough to cover up for past losses. 

Hence, the reason you’d see most investors positioning themselves to make their gains off new coins with potential. Shortly after Tamadoge(TAMA) made some statement as a profitable cryptocurrency to invest in, Big Eyes(BIG) joined as a new cat-themed meme coin with promises of 10x or 100X potentials. As a cryptocurrency whose primary aim is moving money into the DeFi space, Big Eyes(BIG) could be the next Dogecoin(DOGE) or Shiba Inu(SHIB) for early gainers. 


Tamadoge(TAMA) is an ERC20 meme coin with a P2E gaming platform that rewards its users generously for being an active part of the system. With Tamadoge(TAMA) being an ERC20 token, there are beliefs that TAMA would stand to gain from the Ethereum Merge, as transactions throughput will gradually rise and prices drop significantly. This particular feature will benefit users as it ultimately improves their gaming experiences. Additionally, reducing the carbon footprint of games like Tamadoge(TAMA).

The general perception about meme coins is that they are frivolous. That perception is gradually changing with new generation meme coins like Tamadoge(TAMA) arguably setting the bar with products built on real value. Tamadoge(TAMA) focuses on being an enjoyable game, keeping its gamers returning for more. Players get rewarded in dogepoints for taking care of their pets. These dogepoints can then be converted to the TAMA token. 

One billion tokens were made available in the presale, and over 600,000,000 have been purchased, which signifies an excellent start for the project considering the lack of excitement in the current market. Less than 40% of the presale tokens are available for purchase, and the supply is running out quickly. Experts and investors are bullish and believe the project could be the ticket to making considerable gains before the year runs out. 

Big Eyes(BIG)

Big Eye coins(BIG) is a full-stack meme coin released with the primary goal of encouraging more investors to use the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem to generate wealth and promote better adoption of applications built from blockchain technology. To put it mildly, it is a meme coin to encourage more users to join the ecosystem. BIG, the native token of the meme coin can be utilized for various transactions, including staking, creating liquidity pools, earning rewards, and much more. 

The creators of the Big Eyes token(BIG) intend to use the DeFi ecosystem as the foundation upon which it would expand and develop an autonomous system where its features and products would grow and help users generate income. 

The Big Eyes Coin(BIG) platform’s incentive-based participation model is another benefit experts look forward to. The platform’s benefits will increase as users interact with it more and get rewarded with the BIG Tokens and NFTs. The network also plans to create its collection of cat-themed NFTs. With the current condition of the NFT marketplace, experts believe now could be an excellent time to see another worthwhile project. Big Eyes Coin(BIG) is working on a reliable system for NFT trading that ensures users don’t run across any problems.

The network’s token, BIG, is currently on presale, and you can purchase the BIG Token online using a debit or credit card if you’re interested. Users can also pay for it using the USDT or ETH tokens. Be an early gainer. Purchase your big tokens today! Click here to join the presale. 




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