The cryptocurrency industry is expanding rapidly, bringing new possibilities and innovations to investors around the world. With around 17,000 cryptocurrencies currently listed and the industry continuing to grow, it’s a great place to invest. The industry is expected to be worth over $3 trillion by 2025. A common misconception in the cryptocurrency world is the assumption that stable cryptocurrencies are better investment options than newer ones.

New cryptocurrencies and projects are often overlooked, but all investors should remember that even Bitcoin (BTC) was initially ignored and ridiculed. However, one of the most important things to remember is that timing is extremely important, whether you invest during the pre-sale period, stir period, or peak period. Helium (HNT) and Dogecoin (DOGE) are among the most famous cryptocurrencies in the world, both are ranked among the top 50 cryptocurrencies globally, so most cryptocurrency investors consider such coins to be the best place to start. However, starting with a stable cryptocurrency is not always the best idea, as success in the crypto world is often time-sensitive. New cryptocurrencies could well compete with older cryptocurrencies such as Big Eyes (BIG).

Big Eyes (BIG)

Community tokens, otherwise known as social tokens, have received a lot of attention in recent times and have risen in both demand and popularity. The value of these tokens has surged by roughly 400% over the last several months, which is enough to convince people of how much potential these coins have. Big Eyes, a new community token on the market, might have the potential to compete with well-known coins like Dogecoin or Shiba Inu. This brand-new cryptocurrency with a heavy emphasis on community wants to provide users with much more than a platform.

Its primary purpose is the transfer of wealth to the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem while also making DeFi as simple and accessible as possible. This brand-new cryptocurrency already devised a creative strategy to achieve maximum growth in the shortest time possible. Its initial strategy revolves around social media, it will gain attention by utilizing various social media channels. Most meme coins grew enormously as a result of their social communities, so it appears to be a viable strategy. To add more value to the Big Eyes ecosystem, community-based NFTs will be introduced. In addition to improving the platform’s usability, this approach also benefits the community in general. The important features included in the Big Eyes project are:  

  • Community-based: The Big Eyes team has a firm belief that the power and worth of any cryptocurrency are determined by the community of users. As a result, Big Eyes’ main priority is to be community-centric. This developer and creator community will aid in the expansion of the project’s ecosystem.  
  • Charity: The Big Eyes platform is also concerned about offering something back to its consumers. One of the features included in Big Eyes is a visible Charity Wallet, which will hold 5% tokens for real-world concerns such as ocean conservation.  
  • Taxation: In addition to all of this, a dynamic tax structure will be implemented to assure long-term viability. Investors will have priority on the Big Eyes platform.  

How to purchase Big Eyes (BIG) Coins

Now to answer the burning question on the mind of all investors: how to purchase Big Eyes. In pre-sale right now, Big Eyes is the ultimate meme coin platform with a highly user-friendly purchasing method. If you want to purchase Big Eyes (BIG) Coins, we recommend using an internet browser with the MetaMask wallet, on a desktop computer. Trust wallet can be used on mobile devices by connecting with the built-in browser. Users will have three options to choose, once the wallet provider is ready. The first step for users is to buy ETH or USDT using their cards. Once they have enough of these in their wallets, they can move on to their second step which is to buy Big Eyes using either ETH or USDT. Upon completion of the presale, users will be able to claim their tokens.

Helium (HNT)

Mining crypto has become barely profitable today due to the costs being too high and rewards being too low. Moreover, the carbon dioxide production from crypto mining is another significant issue that has led to the ban of crypto mining in countries like China. Helium is a fast-growing network that enables users to mine cryptocurrency without running an expensive server and eases the overall mining process making it more friendly for the environment. It is a long-range wireless network that is both distributed and global. Its fundamental goal is to provide long-range and low-power connectivity for electronic gadgets like sensors and cell towers.

The Helium community is powered by the HNT cryptocurrency and is designed to be the first peer-to-peer IoT (Internet of Things) community. IoT technology is another fast-growing industry with devices in all households. These smart IoT devices can be extremely useful in saving both time and electricity. The biggest challenge for this industry, however, is the provision of a reliable connection between all smart devices, which Bluetooth and WiFi struggle to provide since they don’t have a broader range. Helium intends to change this by using a unique radio frequency (RF) technology that will offer wide coverage to all IoT devices. In addition, the Helium network will also be able to provide new and distinct features like privacy, reliability, and scalability.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Created in 2013, Dogecoin is another meme coin with more comedic inspiration rather than a particularly strong need to fulfill a use case. Using Bitcoin’s open-source code, many other crypto assets and blockchains have been created. Luckycoin (LKY) was created using Bitcoin’s code and the code from Luckycoin was used to form Dogecoin. Since there is no limit on the maximum supply of Dogecoin, it has failed to become a mainstream currency. In comparison to Bitcoin’s fixed 21 million maximum supply, the amount of Dogecoin mined daily is about 14 million which has an inflationary effect on the asset’s value.

Social media has played a key role in giving Dogecoin notable attention, especially in 2021. Tesla CEO Elon Musk also contributed to Dogecoin’s popularity by posting tweets related to the cryptocurrency. Whether Dogecoin is a promising investment or not can be determined by looking at its use cases. Initially, Dogecoin’s primary use case was to reward its community members for amusing comments. As its use cases have grown since its launch, it is now considered a medium of exchange. DOGE can now be used for many different payments which include donations or even paying for NBA tickets or merchandise. As a currency, Dogecoin’s use case is enhanced by its fast and secure transactions. 


The cryptocurrency market is growing tremendously, and people are frantically seeking out prominent cryptocurrencies. The market is bombarded with various crypto coins every now and then. While most of these cryptocurrencies doesn’t equip with any usability features, you should refrain from investing in such coins. However, there are also various innovative projects like Helium (HNT) that aim to simplify the mining process. Another example is Dogecoin (DOGE), it is one of many meme coins on the cryptocurrency market that has become quite popular ever since its launch.

Meme coins have gathered substantial attention from investors who are interested in the meme culture and want to make quick money. However, due to its lack of significant usability features, it receives a lot of criticism. Big Eyes (BIG) is the latest addition to the crypto space, it is a meme coin that is also equipped with various usability features. It is the best opportunity to obtain this emerging crypto coin since it is in its presale stage.

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