Big Eyes Coin Hits $13 Million In Presale As It Draws Attention From Binance USD Holders.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

The crypto market has been through one of its most volatile years to date, with cryptocurrencies falling from their all-time highs and trust in the market destroyed. So, where do crypto enthusiasts go from here? Stablecoins like Binance USD (BUSD) are receiving a lot of attention since the start of the 2022 bear market, with Binance USD seeing $6.3 billion in trade volume in twenty-four hours at the time of writing.

However, new cryptocurrencies like Big Eyes Coin (BIG) are receiving attention from stablecoins like Binance USD as the new meme token is in presale and is currently unaffected by market trends. The new platform will introduce innovative features to the crypto market and aims to make Decentralised Finance (DeFi) easily accessible to any crypto enthusiast.

Big Eyes Coin Ticks All Of The Boxes

When examining the Big Eyes Coin ecosystem, it is essential to remember what the platform is bringing to the crypto market. While Big Eyes Coin focuses on shifting wealth into the DeFi ecosystem, it also prioritises helping charities thwart threats to marine life, using 5% of its tokens to donate to ocean conservation charities.

Since DeFi is still in the infancy stage, many find it hard to navigate and access the new finance style. However, Big Eyes Coin aims to shift wealth into DeFi while making it easily accessible to any crypto enthusiast. The platform will release an NFT collection that could reach the top ten projects, making it a fruitful investment for any NFT enthusiast.

A key problem most meme tokens run into is remaining relevant. Many follow the same canine-themed precedent set by Dogecoin (DOGE) in 2013, leaving a lot of room to fall behind its shadow. Big Eyes Coin has separated itself from this, using a feline-themed mascot to cater to a new audience.

Additionally, Big Eyes Coin will adopt a marketing wallet holding 5% of its tokens to expose Big Eyes Coin to the world. The platform has already seen advertisements in New York Times Square and Marble Arch in London. This exposure will introduce Big Eyes Coin to millions of potential users, potentially helping the token explode.

Binance USD’s Stablecoin Dominance

Binance USD (BUSD)

Binance USD was one of the most popular stablecoins during the bear market of 2022. The stablecoin giant is backed by two types of reserves. The first is fiat currencies in dedicated omnibus banks, in insured U.S. banks. Additionally, the stablecoin is backed by U.S. Treasury bills.

Three key attributes make Binance USD one of the most significant stablecoins in the crypto space. They are flexibility, speed, and accessibility. The coin is easily accessible through Binance and Paxos.

Additionally, those who use their BUSD holdings on DeFi and other blockchain applications on the Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain blockchains are eligible for rewards. The reward program allows you to earn additional rewards on top of what you already earn from DeFi.

Final Thoughts

Big Eyes Coin has hit $13 million in the eighth stage of its presale, showcasing the excitement surrounding the platform. It is no surprise that the platform is attracting attention from Binance USD holders as Big Eyes Coin’s value is locked through its presale like Binance USD’s value is locked.

Additionally, Big Eyes Coin users can receive a 5% bonus on their presale order if they use the ‘BIGsave116’ code at the checkout.

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