Big Eyes Coin Gifts Vault Pin As Avalanche and Tron Doge The Feds


With rumors of the Federal Reserve planning further interest rate hikes, crypto coins have been trying to understand the new realities of investor acumen. With regulation on the rise, what will the rest of 2023 look like for the aspiring altcoins of this world? Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has understood that in times of trouble, you have to innovate! The meme-coin cat-themed Big Eyes Coin has recently gifted a ‘Vault Pin’ to open up all loot boxes. Make sure to use pin 819 when purchasing BIG.

This article will discuss the effect the Federal Reserve interest rate hikes have already had on the cryptocurrency market. We’ll also discuss how Esports top cats TSM have announced a partnership with Avalanche (AVAX) and the new association between Tron foundation (TRON) and Oraichain. Lastly, we’ll discuss the fast-moving presale of Big Eyes Coin and the new loot boxes they have on offer.

The Feds Are Coming!

Gone are the days you would open up your computer to see positive crypto news hitting your screens; alas, regulation and interest rate hikes are the order of the day. The Federal Reserve increased interest rates last year, causing investor mayhem throughout the sector. Since then, crypto projects have been hoping for the market to stabilize. In recent news, the U.S. government is set to release its latest non-farm payrolls report, pointing towards further interest rate hikes.

Avalanche Are Always Game For Sports

How is Avalanche dealing with this stormy weather? The cryptocurrency blockchain launched in 2020 and has forever since been referred to as a contender to Ethereum (ETH). Its native coin AVAX has fared well since its inception due to Avalanche utilizing smart contracts to create a better variety of blockchain projects. Avalanche is holding its own due to boasting a secure network with near-instant transaction finality.

In recent news, esports organization TSM has partnered with Avalanche intending to create a competitive Web3 gaming platform. This move confirms that Avalanche will be a TMS blockchain partner in an exclusive capacity. A recent press release from TMS stated that they hope “to help gamers improve their skills with performance insights and learning tools, also allowing players to compete in these Blitz Arenas for prizes.”

Tron Is Making New Friends

Tron started its life in 2017, created by a non-profit organization in Singapore called the Tron Foundation. The blockchain-based digital platform has buried its concept flag well into the entertainment application hosting camp. Its native coin TRX has been a pleasant addition to the project. Tron now boasts offices in Singapore and San Francisco, clearly intending to expand further.

In recent news, The Tron foundation announced its first artificial intelligence (AI) partnership with Oraichain. Oraichain is an AI-powered oracle and ecosystem for blockchains, and they also make a mean cup of tea. The partnership will enable smart contracts, helping to secure the safe and transparent transfer of assets between the TRON blockchain and Oraichain.

Big Eyes Coin Is Pinning Your hopes

As presales go, Big Eyes Coin is rightfully looking like a smug old kitty cat. The cat-themed meme-coin has now raised over $31m during its presale, and it’s selling out fast! The industry is forecasting Big Eyes Coin to be the best-selling meme-coin in crypto.

A series of features within the altcoins concept stick out as the main indications of its current and future success. The proof-of-stake consensus mechanism has proven to be the big winner in increasing its community. By simply rewarding participants, Big Eyes Coin can improve its user profitability and encourage engagement. Another reason investors are flooding the new meme is its eco-friendly carbon-zero targets.

There is nothing that investors love more than a bargain; who doesn’t love loot? Big Eyes Coin has gifted a new pin code: 819, to be used when you purchase your BIG. How much you are willing to invest will determine which box you will receive.

For $100, you’ll be given the ‘Saver Tin’ with a chance to win up to $10,000 BIG. Spending at least $5,000 will get you a very cute ‘Kitty Vault’ worth a potential $25,000 of BIG. If you’re feeling the vibe and want to spend $10,000, you could get an incredible $100,000 worth of BIG with the ‘Super ‘Saiyan Box.’ Lastly, if you’re in the mood to win a possible $1 million worth of BIG, use the code provided, spend $100,000 and open up the ‘Excali-Paw Chest.’ Happy Hunting!

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