Big Eyes Coin, Dai and USD Coin: What Makes These Cryptocurrencies So Appealing To Investors?


Cryptocurrency valuations suffered last year among a string of regulatory crackdowns and collapses of high-profile exchanges.

Finding the right cryptocurrencies can be tricky, although there are a good amount out there doing what is required by decentralising money supply, supporting those without bank accounts and providing fast and cheap forms of payments. Big Eyes Coin, Dai and USD Coin are some of the top cryptocurrencies in the current market.

Dai Is A Trusted And Stable Choice

Dai (DAI) is a decentralised stablecoin that is collateralised by Ether (ETH), the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain. It is particularly popular with investors as it is decentralised and transparent, with all transactions and reserve balances recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. DAI uses a decentralised network with a combination of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to stabilise its value.

One of the main features of Dai is that it is designed to be fully collateralised, so for each Dai in circulation, there is a corresponding amount of collateral that is held in reserve. This helps keep the value of its token stable and ensures that it can be trusted by its users.

Dai is used as both a stablecoin for trading and a transactional method for goods and services. It is also used as a source of stability in a volatile cryptocurrency market, with the promise of maintaining a stable value no matter what fluctuations occur in the value of separate cryptocurrencies.

USD Coin Climbing To The Top Of The Stablecoin Ladder

USD Coin (USDC) is a fiat-backed stablecoin issued by regulated financial institutions and pegged to US Dollar. Part of its popularity lies with it being fully collateralised by US dollars, making it a stable and widely accepted currency. USD Coin is issued by the regulated financial institutions Coinbase and Circle, two established crypto exchanges, giving users a higher level of assurance. A user should always be able to redeem one stablecoin for one dollar, meaning monitoring the coin is easy in comparison to monitoring other coins, which can fluctuate in value on a daily basis..

Coinbase customers can earn rewards for each USD Coin in their holding, which are worth up to 1% annual yield. They can also benefit from no commission fees upon purchase.

Big Eyes Coin Could Achieve Market Dominance

Big Eyes Coin (BIG), a new cryptocurrency token, is on its way to dominate the meme-token market after recently reaching a whopping $13 million in their presale. Numerous features of the cryptocurrency include a decentralised platform, smart contracts, straightforward token purchases, increased security measures, a keen interest in the environment and many more enticing offers, sure to attract users.

The launch of Big Eyes’ NFT collection and the announcement of an exclusive new club launching titled ‘Sushi Crew’ is already attracting copious amounts of attention, with the offer of being able to trade, buy and sell Big Eyes NFTs. Big Eyes Coin is also involved in several charitable pursuits, setting aside a charity wallet storing 5% of all BIG tokens. The tokens will go towards preserving oceans and aquatic life. Big Eyes Coin is attracting masses of attention already and this is only likely to grow. To join the highly regarded presale, check out the links below.





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