Big Eyes Coin Catapults Into The Big Leagues With $16million In Presale While Zilliqa, and Cardano Show Strength


Adding cryptocurrencies with great possibility to experience value appreciation boosts your chances of gaining from your crypto investment. Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Zilliqa (ZIL), and Cardano (ADA) are cryptocurrencies experts identified to have such great tendencies.

The crypto assets have been enjoying quite a huge buzz during this holiday period, especially the new meme coin, Big Eyes (BIG). Many believe Big Eyes (BIG) is one of the altcoins to watch out for, but Cardano (ADA) and Zilliqa (ZIL) shouldn’t be overlooked either. The three altcoins may turn out to be a good bargain for you, but ensure you’re taking a huge risk beyond your tolerance limit.

Zilliqa (ZIL) Reducing Scalability Issues On The Network

Zilliqa is a decentralized smart contract protocol that strives to reduce the scalability problems common to most blockchain networks. The platform prides itself on being the “world’s first sharding-based blockchain.” It provides startups and global enterprises the optimum scalability they need to easily, swiftly, and cheaply build beneficial products and services.

Zilliqa enables users to design and create highly-efficient dApps and other digital infrastructures satisfactorily. It is easy to use, environmentally friendly, and safe. Zilliqa allows users access and benefits from the DeFi ecosystem, the NFTs and creators’ economy, and dApp building purposes. These utilities in profitable crypto niches make Zilliqa an attractive project to most enterprises and users.

The public blockchain’s native currency, ZIL, is used to pay for transactions on the platform. It backs governance, and users can earn rewards from staking and farming using the token. ZIL’s bull rally in the previous year made fair profits for many holders before its decline. Holders at this point can enjoy the same benefits as the cryptocurrency aims to bounce back from its price decline.

Cardano (ADA) Arrives Ready To Build The World’s Best Decentralized Apps

Cardano is a leading evidence-based blockchain protocol with great efficiency and high environmental sustainability. The proof-of-stake (PoS) platform is fast becoming one of the top platforms for building decentralized applications (dApps). It has highly knowledgeable and committed developers that ensure it’s constantly upgraded with the latest features and technology to provide users satisfaction and stay ahead of competitors.

That Blockchain protocol has a unique architectural makeup. It consists of different layers where the various possible activities on the platform occur. These layers include the Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL), the Cardano Computational Layer, and the Flexible layer. Near-instant transactions at low costs occur in the CSL, while the CCL functions as the base for the other functionalities on the blockchain. The flexible layer is responsible for proper smart contracts functioning while ensuring Cardano remains secure and highly functional.

Cardano token (ADA) backs transactions in the settlement layer and other activities that require payment or staking on the platform. It is a global peer-to-peer payment medium and backs rewards for platform users. ADA appreciated by 1000% from Q1-Q2 of the previous year and set a new all-time high at the beginning of Q4. Holders can expect a similar run in the coming year, but not of the same magnitude.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Locks Eyes With Its Launch

Big Eyes is a secure new crypto project that has undergone the necessary auditing process. It is certified safe and secure for users, increasing their trust in the new meme coin’s ecosystem. Big Eyes will run on Ethereum, with utilities in DeFi and NFTs market.

Its NFTs collection is an asset with a tendency to increase in worth, and holders can increase their wealth by trading it when it increases in value. It equally gives them other exclusive benefits on the platform, like access to membership, events, and content. Big Eyes ecosystem will have an exchange, facilitating low-cost and swift asset swaps for users.

It will have an ERC-20 native token, BIG. Big Eyes token (BIG) will serve as a payment medium for transactions on Big Eyes Swap and marketplace while equally facilitating rewards in the Big Eyes community. The new cryptocurrency has a high tendency to rise in value, and joining the presale now could make a huge difference.

Big Eyes Coin will launch immediately if an additional 12 MILLION is raised by the end of January. Having so far raised a whopping $18million in its current stage of presale.

Big Eyes Coin has currently reached $16million.

In order to bring the launch ahead, use code LAUNCHBIGEYES200 to receive a HUGE 200% BONUS bringing our launch closer!

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)





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