Big Eyes Coin, BNB and XRP- Which is The Fastest Way to Make Money in 2023?


As we well know, cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm and have been making investors masses. We have heard the success stories of buyers who got in early and sold at ridiculous highs to make millions. But, not everyone succeeds. The industry is volatile and many people either give up along the way or lose money.

The good news is that there are numerous cryptocurrency-based revenue streams. Established coins like BNB and XRP are popular choices for their relative stability and credibility. That said, new coins like Big Eyes Coin (BIG), offer much faster ways to make money and have much greater potential for increased cash flow. Big Eyes Coin is gaining popularity at a meteoric rate and has raised $16m in presales alone. Is this the best way to make your crypto millions?

The Old Favourite: BNB

Launched in July 2017 and pretty familiar to crypto-enthusiasts, Binance platform’s native token, BNB, can be used to buy products and services, settle transaction feeds, and partake in restricted token sales.

The auto-burn feature of the BNB coin is well-known. Due to its limited supply, BNB’s value may rise when tokens are burned and this has often ensured the coin’s stability, making it a safer option for buyers.

BNB is currently on a rising streak and in the last week the price has increased from $277.29 to $301.75 – an 8.8% increase. If this trajectory continues, BNB looks like a sure way to make money in 2023, but when compared to the excitement of new coins like Big Eyes Coin, can it really be considered the fastest money-making coin?

Is XRP Too Risky?

The native coin of Ripple is XRP, much like BNB is for Binance. It is applied across the financial services industry and comprises organisations, individuals, and developers who utilise XRP on the XRP ledger (XRPL). This XPR ledger sidechain has brought attention to XRP and the value has peaked as a result.

The most exciting feature of XRP is perhaps how it supports distributed banking services. For instance, it enables the efficient trading of both traditional and digital currencies. Furthermore, the XRP infrastructure provides super-fast speeds; an attractive quality in an industry where making money quickly is paramount.

However, the token is particularly volatile at the moment. Despite the price of the coin increasing 10.6% in the last week, it has not yet recovered from the catastrophic price drop from $0.3951 down to $0.3389 in December. This coin still feels risky in comparison to the stability of BNB and the consistent growth of Big Eyes Coin.

Big Eyes Coin Takes The Lead

Big Eyes Coin is the new meme coin in the industry and is having an unprecedentedly strong presale. The token has raised $16 million at stage nine of its presale, and market experts believe that this is a sign of things to come. Like many other meme tokens, Big Eyes Coin is causing a stir in the cryptocurrency market as investors rush to purchase it.

Big Eyes Coin distinguishes itself from other meme tokens on the market as a product with a wide range of practical capabilities and a thriving ecosystem including its NFT Sushi Crew and ocean-saving charity wallet.

With impressive offers like LAUNCHBIGEYES200 which gives buyers an extra 200% bonus, crypto-enthusiasts are keen to get in on this exciting new coin whilst it is still in presale. As the launch gets ever closer, this coin has the potential to make its buyers crypto millions this year.

In comparison to the new Big Eyes Coin, BNB and XRP are unquestionably titans. Despite this, Big Eyes Coin is undoubtedly winning over hearts and minds faster than a conventional cryptocurrency ever could, judging by the speed at which presale is moving.

With more than 37k Twitter followers and a 5% marketing wallet, Big Eyes Coin’s reputation will only grow over time. This feels like the most exciting coin we have seen in a long time and has the potential to be the fastest way to make money in 2023.





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