Big Eyes Coin – An Ethereum Based Project with Functional NFTs Like Axie Infinity

The Defi space is continuously evolving, and its growth has birthed several solutions that create economic opportunities for users. Some projects in this space also focus on solving social problems. One example is Big Eyes Coin.

Big Eyes Coin is a meme project focused on protecting marine habitats while creating a Defi ecosystem where users can generate wealth through the community token. The community tokens are integral to Big Eyes Coin, and it also has non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The NFTs will play a crucial role in the exponential growth of the Big Eyes Coin platform as they will offer users more access to events and content.

Part of the proceeds from the project will go towards protecting the marine habitat by funding foundations working to conserve marine life. The oceans and seas will thus be adequately conserved as a result. 

Cat Theme

Big Eyes Coin has adopted the cat theme not only because of the cat’s cuteness but also because of the qualities that make them amazing creatures. Cats are the only ones said to have nine lives. 

They are popular for exhibiting traits like resilience, perseverance, and the ability to adapt to multiple situations. The Big Eyes Coin project adopts all of these qualities into its services. 

Big Eyes Coin NFT

Non-fungible tokens are more than just beautiful digital artworks. In Big Eyes Coin, they’re instruments to attract new members to the community and also benefit existing members with a plethora of uses. The project will host exclusive events virtually as well as in real life. NFTs will act as tickets for entry.

Big Eyes Coin Token

The Big Eyes Coin token is at the center of the project, and its total supply will be 200 billion tokens. Of all these, 70% will be sold through a public presale, 20% will go to exchanges, and 5% will go to wallets and charity.

The Real King of Crypto? — Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is one of the most significant blockchain networks and the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. In addition, the Ethereum network is perhaps the world’s biggest computer as it is home to all the top decentralized applications.

What makes Ethereum famous is its smart contract capabilities. Unlike the Bitcoin network, which was essentially all about the currency, Ethereum was about what could happen on the blockchain. This distinguished it from Bitcoin and set the standard for all other smart contract networks.

Due to its first mover advantage, Ethereum hosts most Defi platforms, and most NFTs launch on it. While it has several networks keen on challenging it for market share, Ethereum has remained at the top due to its robust ecosystem.

When most people think of Ethereum, they think of its native ETH token. Ethereum is however, much more than that. It has a resilient architecture that supports several projects. Even better, Ethereum can host other tokens that are of ERC-20 standards. Thus, there are nearly 300,000 ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum, and this number will likely keep increasing.

Don’t Hate The Player – Axie Infinity (AXS)

Gaming was originally for fun, but it has also become an opportunity to make money in recent years. Axie Infinity capitalizes on this as one of the biggest play-to-earn games on the blockchain.

Axie Infinity is an NFT-based P2E game that allows players to collect and breed characters called Axie and use them to fight battles. Sky Mavis developed the game, and most of the gameplay happened underground when it initially launched. But from December 2019, it had more interactive gameplay.

Each player can fight with a team of three Axies and has to eliminate their enemies by playing strategic cards. There are several game modes, such as Adventure, Player versus Player (PVP), and Player versus Environment (PVE), where the player faces the computer.

Users get the Smooth Love Portion (SLP) token when they win. It is an in-game token that can be sold for money. The governance token is the Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). It’s also the AXS that users need to pay the fees for breeding Axis.

Big Eyes Coin has exciting new plans for those who subscribe to the project, as it aims to be one of the most popular meme projects on the market. All the necessary information can be found in the whitepaper. Hit the link below. 

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