BIB Exchange Launches a Lucrative Campaign, Offering a 90% off BTC Subscription


Singapore, July 2022 – Recently, the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform, BIB Exchange, unveils its newest and one-of-a-kind campaign – to thank for user’s continued loyalty and support, BIB invites cryptocurrency traders to take part in its celebration and takes out 16 BTC for an 8-round of campaign bringing global users a chance of 90% discount on their BTC subscription.

What is so special about this campaign?

From certain sources, BIB exchange claims that during the campaign period, users from all over the world will have the opportunity to purchase BTC at a price of 10% of the market price by subscription.

Best of all, this campaign is divided into 8 sounds, BIB will release a total 16 BTC as the phenomenal rewards for participants. To simply join this campaign, participants only need to subscribe to the staking plan by depositing USDT. After depositing, participants are required to wait for a financial period and automatic payment at maturity.  

How do I join this campaign?

Firstly, participants need to have their registration on the BIB platform done, and then complete KYC verification. Second, easily go to the “BIB Activity” page and join the campaign as directed.

It is noteworthy that the first round of this campaign will start at 2PM on July 11th,2022. BIB will distribute 2 BTC each week, the distribution of BTC prizes will be set up in the number of winning lots. The more lots a participant collects, the more chance of winning the ultimate prize (1BTC at 10% of its market price).

During the campaign period, participants can have several ways to collect more lots by depositing USDT to BIB account, inviting friends, and increasing the deposit amount of the staking plan. To find more information about this campaign, please visit BIB’s official website.

About BIB Exchange

Based in Singapore, the leading global blockchain technology service provider brings top international talents and resources together, focusing on cutting-edge designs and interconnected technology development to provide efficient, immersive, social, real-time trading experience and excellent financial management options.

In order to better provide traders with safeguarding solutions, BIB has implemented impregnable encryption and powerful security protocols at all times with continuous vigilance to make sure that assets and personal information of its users are safe and in a secure decentralized financial system, allowing users to conduct safe trading and rapid transactions.

Not only is BIB committed to providing highly regulated, secure, fast and private asset trading services, but also a highly stable match engine with 50,000 orders/second actual matching capability and high-speed processing capability with transactions under 1 second through the latest technology development and computing. 

So far, BIB has established a complete product business matrix with better ecological services. The core businesses include OTC, Spot, Futures, BIB Earn, BIB Pool, BIB Mining and other services covering the entire blockchain ecosystem.

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