EOS Gas is being looked at with some skepticism by members of the global crypto community, especially since there is a lot of confusion as to what this token is all about.

The EOS GAS Airdrop

Introducing an EOS GAS token was bound to raise a lot of suspicious eyebrows. While it is a bit unclear what purpose this token will serve exactly, the devs say it is designed to bolster the EOS ecosystem as a whole. At the same time, the fact this currency has been issued as an ERC20 token and not atop EOS itself raises a lot of red flags.

Considering how EOS has a main net and moved away from ERC20 weeks ago, this token airdrop seems to make no real sense. Although it is to be expected EOS will use a version of Gas to power transactions, that token has no real purpose on the Ethereum platform whatsoever.

To make matters even more intriguing, the EOS GAS token will only be airdropped to users who effectively go through a KYC process. Instead of submitting official documentation users need to provide a “signed encrypted message”. This seems to further confirm this that airdrop has nothing to do with EOS itself, but is either a potential scam or just a project trying to capitalize on the hype surrounding EOS.

Assuming this airdrop is a scam, it seems evident the creators are looking for ways to obtain private keys associated with MyEtherWallet. This platform has been a prime target for hackers and criminals over the past few months.  For anyone who is paying attention to the airdrop, it is advised to not go through the KYC process and avoid any potential nefarious repercussions.

Final Thoughts

Ever since NEO issued its own GAS tokens, other altcoins have attempted to do the same. In the case of EOS GAS, the airdrop is seemingly completely fake. Issuing this “native” token on top of a completely different blockchain is a dead giveaway of how this project raises a lot of questions which can’t be answered easily.

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