Betnomi Casino and Sports Betting Review for 2020


Providing access to online gambling and betting transcends beyond casino games and sports wagers. Betnomi embodies this vision perfectly, as it offers many different services. There is also the platform’s native token to take into account. 

Betnomi Offers Everything

Evolving as a casino-oriented platform is crucial in this modern era of online gambling. Bettors want access to anything and everything, preferably on the same platform. Betnomi checks a lot of the right boxes in this regard. It goes well beyond traditional online casinos and ventures in many different directions. Speaking of casinos and live casinos, there are over 7,500 slots from top providers to pick from. 

The many options – all with higher than average odds – to explore at Betnomi include:

  • In-play Sports Betting
  • Traditional Sports Betting
  • Esports Betting
  • Casino Gambling
  • Live Casino Gambling
  • Blast
  • Poker
  • Virtual Sports Betting
  • Tournaments 
  • Predictor

The team is going all out to cater to the needs of its users. With such a vast selection of different options to explore, everyone will find something they like at Betnomi. These options are presented through a slick and easy to navigate layout, enhancing the user experience.

Fans of poker will be pleased to know Betnomi offers many tournaments and free rolls. its web and desktop client are extremely easy of use and provide a solid experience. 

It is worth noting that sports betting appears to be Betnomi’s bread and butter. When one visits the website, the first they will see is the sports betting option. A reliable approach as online sports betting is an industry with tremendous growth potential. Many major sports events – the Olympics, Euro 2021, and others – will take place in 2021. This will trigger a boom for any company providing online sports betting activities. 

Ease of Use is Crucial

To succeed in the gambling and sports betting world, providers need to make all of their offerings accessible and easy to navigate. Betnomi’s website design makes it easy to explore different categories. Once a category is selected, users will have a clear overview of the options or games at their disposal. 

The registration process for Betnomi is also simple and straightforward. Users need to provide a username, email address, password, and a promotion code if applicable. This process can be completed within 1 minute or less, allowing for easy onboarding of new customers. 

At the time of writing, there is no mobile application available for Betnomi. It is possible to navigate the website on mobile devices until these applications come to market. Both Google and Apple often take their time approving new applications for gambling platforms, mainly if cryptocurrencies are involved. 

Depositing and Withdrawing Funds

Customers of the Betnomi platform have a lot of options to deposit and withdraw funds. This is a cryptocurrency-oriented platform, first and foremost. It is also one of the few outlets to support over a dozen different crypto-assets today. All of the major currencies are available, which will benefit the users. 

At the time of writing, the following crypto-assets are supported:

  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Dash
  • Tron
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Binance Coin
  • Stellar
  • DAI
  • Zcash
  • Monero
  • USDT
  • Ethereum Classic
  • XRP
  • Bitcoin SV

The list represents a good selection of different cryptocurrencies. It is intriguing to note how more and more casinos and gambling outlets enable support for stablecoins. Currencies pegged to fiat money continue to gain momentum, and they are more than welcome at Betnomi. 

Users can deposit funds by scanning a QR code or copying the cryptocurrency wallet address provided. It is a simple system that allows users to deposit funds from their mobile phone or tablet with ease. 

For withdrawals, the system is straightforward as well. It is crucial to note users cannot withdraw money unless they bet 50% of their deposited funds or more. Most casinos and betting providers maintain a similar approach. Otherwise, users would be able to claim a deposit bonus and withdraw funds immediately. 

Betnomi users don’t need to undergo a KYC verification procedure before withdrawing funds from the platform. There is a KYC verification procedure for those who win the mystery jackpot, though.

Different Types of Promotions and Bonuses

The survival of any online gambling platform can hinge on its bonuses, promotions, and jackpots. Betnomi has a strong line-up in this regard. It is possible to earn up to 400% in bonuses or $600 in cash.

First, there is the “risk-free bets” section, which often applies to sport-related events. This offer may not always be available to users, but it is worth checking out when it pops up. Through this offer, users get 50% back of their wager if they incorrectly guess an event’s outcome. 

Second, there is a 50% Rakeback offer for all poker cash games. Users who play poker on a cash table generate a Rakeback rate by completing games. Every Monday, they will receive this Rakeback in their account, which can as high as 50% of the total amount wagered. 

The third option is the Roulette Race. Users compete for a share of the $1,000 prize by actively playing roulette games. Playing more games results in users earning more points, which are visible on the leaderboard. 

Fans of sportsbook wagers want to check out the 100% welcome bonus for new users. All one needs to do is place a bet of $10 or more on a Sportsbook event and receive 100% of the value back as a Free Bet.

Last but not least, Betnomi has a mystery jackpot. It currently sits at over $1.5 million and consists of a Mega, Major, Minor, and Mini tier. 

This jackpot is not the same as the $100 casino welcome bonus, which is available to new users who deposit $5 or more. 

The Betnomi Token (BNI)

It is unusual to see an online gambling platform issue its own native token. The Betnomi team opts for this approach to give users access to a premium betting experience and additional cashback bonuses of up to 30%. Additionally, if holders use the BNI token to place wagers on the platform, they will receive free spins for doing so. 

With a maximum total supply of 10 million BNI, there are currently 5.967 Ethereum addresses that hold BNI. Betnomi’s token’s current value is $0.053, and it is trading on the Value Liquid platform. The team performs regular token buybacks by using the profit earned from its casino revenue. 

Furthermore, the team wants to bring DeFi to BNI, so the token is now issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Initially, the token existed on the Binance Smart Chain, yet that token is no longer viable. Users who still hold BEP-20 BNI can swap them for the ERC-20 variant by following the instructions in this Medium post

A Lucrative Affiliate Program

Betnomi is a platform that welcomes new players and offers a lucrative affiliate program. users can earn up to 35% through the rev share option, which is more than decent. There is also the option to attract sub-affiliates, allowing suers to earn money from their friends’ friends. Combined with the many marketing tools provided by the platform, referring new users will be a breeze for most. 


Betnomi offers a lot of games and events for players to wager on. Primarily the focus on sports betting – and by extension, eSports – is worth taking note of, as this will become more apparent across the gambling industry as a whole.  

Additionally, there are a lot of promotions, jackpots, and benefits to explore. The BNI token enhances this experience even further, creating an all-encompassing ecosystem for all users.

Make sure to check out Betnomi today!

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