BetaMars Ticket NFT Airdrop Activities Closed on Febuary 1st! Last Ticket Numbers in This Article, First Come First Served

Source: Twitter @Betamars2025

According to officially reported, BetaMars official website will close the Ticket NFT airdrop claim channels at 0:00 (UTC ), Feb 1st. After that, the Ticket NFT numbers sent before will not be able to be redeemed. The BetaMars Ticket NFT minting channel will be open on Febuary 4th ( By 100 USDT, a Ticket NFT can be minted. Users will have the chance to get a 3% drop rate rare Ticket NFT!

Ticket NFT, an essential certificate for BetaMars world entry.

There are two kinds of NFTs in BetaMars world, namely Ticket NFT and Land NFT. Ticket NFT will be disposed when players enter the game for the first time to activate the jurisdiction of Miner. Once activated on a wallet address, the right of entering BetaMars world will be permanently linked. Enter BetaMars world as a Miner, users own the rights to mine on lands, earn production materials and build BetaMars world. By now, there are nearly 5,000 community users who have claimed the Ticket NFTs. Land NFT is the fundamental infrastructure in BetaMars. According to official news, it will be on sale in Binance NFT Market.

In order to promote the construction of a highly open and decentralized metaverse world, BetaMars will give back to the players involved in the future project ecological construction. Eighty percent of the minting revenue will be put into the Tax Pool in the Tax gameplay mechanism, by the players to divide the revenue!

Metaverse flow flooding into BetaMars

BetaMars is a metaverse project developed by a top encryption team, aiming at exploring human civilization in the metaverse world. Core team members had working experiences in the game and crypto sectors. Zach, BetaMars CTO, has worked with BM to develop and design Bitshare and EOS. Silvia, BetaMars CEO, has led teams participating in League of Legend and other online games. BetaMars will be built with several phases, which has the following plan to build 1.0 world foundation construction, 2.0 sandbox sociality in metaverse and 3.0 virtual reality metaverse. The BetaMars 1.0 will be online soon!

Over the month since BetaMars was released, its innovative product design continues attracting attention from the metaverse market. Though BetaMars has not online yet, it has received tens of millions of dollars of investment from well-known institutions such as Youbi Capital. Viewing the community and social media, the active interaction shows the flow from metaverse is flooding into BetaMars project.

Ticket NFT claim tutorial & link

(Note: Each ticket number can only be claimed once.)

Follow the tutorial to claim co-brand Ticket NFT by a ticket number!

Ticket NFT number


BetaMars Official Channels

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