BetaMars Raised Investment from BIP32 Venture


On January 18th,BetaMars, a metaverse project, announced that it had received the investment from BIP32 Venture. The fund is mainly used to promote BetaMars 1.0 progress. This is the sixth investment that BetaMars has received after the project launched one month ago. BetaMars has raised seed investment from Kryptos, GameMine Capital, HOT DAO, Youbi Capital, and Pluto Capital. As an innovator in metaverse, BetaMars took the lead in exploring Metaverse Civilization with its unique product design, economic model, and brand vision.

BIP32 Venture stated, metaverse is a parallel universe to the real world, which means civilization construction is a must. However, many current metaverse projects use P2E as their publicity stunts and lead players to focus on mining, seriously deviating the development track of the metaverse. In this aspect, BetaMars project team shows their forward strategic thinking. They take “digitalization of people-society relationship” as the research direction to build the BetaMars metaverse world, which meets the needs of the digital development of human society in the future, and will help expand the development boundary of the metaverse track. We believe that BetaMars will subvert the entire metaverse track, which is also an important reason for our investment in BetaMars.

BetaMars was developed by a top encryption team, aiming to construct a metaverse world based on the history of civilization and law of world development.

BetaMars 1.0 is the basic construction stage of the world. Players, as the roles of Miner and Lords, together expand the territory and receive rich benefits from the world in return.

In the later 2.0 and more versions, Land NFT will be an important infrastructure in BetaMars world. New countries, cultures, and commercial empires will be born here. A new world of digital civilization will come forth.

[About BIP32 Venture】

BIP32 Venture focuses on investing in molding projects, incubating and helping them develop further. Meanwhile, BIP32 Venture has an excellent cooperative relationship with TOP CEXs and excellent long-term cooperation with Famous IDO platforms.

Not only that, BIP32 Venture possesses and keeps a relationship with familiar Crypto KOLs. Thus, BIP32 Venture welcomes to meet the special you.

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