BetaMars Native Token Elonpunk (EP) is Listed on PancakeSwap

Source: Twitter @Betamars2025

BetaMars ( ) is a metaverse game project themed on “Building a Metaverse Civilization” which contains various elements such as NFT, SLG, P2E, DAO. It aims to build a highly free and decentralized metaverse ecology through the digital twin. The concept of the first strategy game on BSC makes BetaMars gain great attention from the market as soon as it is launched. At present, BetaMara has received a seed round of investment of $2.5 million led by Pluto Capital, and established long-term strategic cooperative relations with HotDao, HashLand, Cointelegraph, BSC NEWS, Coindesk and other institutions.

BetaMars native token is listed on PancakeSwap, over 50% of the total turnover of NFT mystery box will be injected into the liquidity pool.

As disclosed from BetaMar officials, BetaMars native token Elonpunk (EP) is listed on the decentralized trading platform PancakeSwap on April 20.

Elonpunk(EP) contract address is 0x14010A9C393DDFBA1a74E86BEE234b1FD1C4509F

In order to increase the depth of the liquidity pool continuously, the official said that 60% of the total transactions of Land NFT mystery boxes and 80% of Ticket NFT mystery boxes obtained from the NFT pre-sale event will be injected into the liquidity pool.

It is reported that the mystery box pre-sale of BetaMars has been opened in the Galler NFT trading market at 12:00 UTC on April 20. The NFT mystery boxes are divided into two types: Land NFT and Ticket NFT mystery box. BetaMars provides a 40% discount for participants this time, and the price of Land NFT is 2.2BNB, Ticket NFT 0.15BNB. Each type is limited to 3000 mystery boxes. The sale entrance is open, click the link to purchase:

Image source: Galler NFT trading platform

This means that if all NFT mystery boxes are sold out, the equivalent amount of 4320-BNB (in USDT) will be added into the liquidity pool of Elonpunk (EP) on PancakeSwap. The sufficient influx of funds will ensure the stability of the basic price of EP and will also contribute to the sustainable increase in the value of Elonpunk (EP). 

BetaMars is continuing the construction of game ecosystem and fully prepare for the sustainable development of the game!

At present, BetaMars is working on the promotion of IDO, the third test, PancakeSwap’s listing of Elonpunk (EP), NFT mystery box sales, etc. Meanwhile, it is making full preparations for the official launch of the game. It can be seen that the BetaMars project has an eye-catching performance in the ongoing IDO and the third test. With the advancement of the NFT mystery box and PancakeSwap’s listing of Elonpunk (EP), the BetaMars project ecosystem is also being implemented step by step!

It is worth noting that in addition to the progress of the BetaMars 1.0, the content of BetaMars 2.0 is also under simultaneous development. At present, the BetaMars official has disclosed the relevant content of the BetaMars2.0. Combined with other information previously disclosed by the official, the future Land NFT will have more functions such as construction and operation. The following architectural models posted on Twitter may have unique functions in 2.0, such as: social center, asset trading center, etc.

Image via Twitter @Betamars2025

With the development of BetaMars project, the grand ecological layout of the BetaMars metaverse starts to be revealed. In the fierce competition in the metaverse market in 2022, how will BetaMars stand out and seize the high ground of the metaverse market? It is worth looking forward to.

For more information about the project please refer to the following:

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Official website:



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