BetaMars Logo Design Campaign Goes Live! Rewards are Ready to be Collected!


BetaMars ( is a decentralized metaverse project established by a global top crypto team. The founding team aims to build a surreal metaverse ecology, providing a platform where players can collaborate on content creation without centralized governance. The project is planning to gradually launch three phases: 1.0 world construction, 2.0 sandbox social metaverse and 3.0 virtual reality metaverse. Currently BetaMars project has received funding from Pluto Capital, Youbi Capital, HOT DAO, GameMine Capital, Kryptos, BIP32 Venture and many other institutions. The total funding amount has exceeded ten million dollars!

According to BetaMars Official, the Logo Design Competition for the main token Elonpunk and sub-token Revo will be opened during 10th Feb- 16th Feb. The adopted designs will be directly used as the token icons. Additionally, there will be a building named after the designer in BetaMars 2.0. It will be the catalyst for the community users to take part in the BetaMars project construction, aligned to the decentralized concept of BetaMars.

For those contributors, BetaMars founding team will offer USDT and precious Land NFT whitelists as prizes. Players who are added to the Land NFT whitelists will be able to buy Land NFT at the starting price of auction.

This event is open to global users. Participants only need to submit one of the logo designs as Elonpunk and Revo (Activity link:

We will give out the following rewards according to votes:

First Prize: 1,000 USDT+ Land NFT whitelist

Second Prize: 800 USDT+ Land NFT whitelist

Third Prize: 600 USDT+ Land NFT whitelist

Fourth to Sixth Prize: 400 USDT+ 10,000 EP(each)

After the competition, BetaMars will select 6 great designs to be voted on by BetaMars community.

Community users will decide the rankings, which will be rewarded according to the rankings.

BetaMars Official Channels

Official Website:




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